Nader S. Metwalli, Ph.D.
Nader Metwalli.
Scientific Focus Areas: Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics, Clinical Research


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Single Breath-Hold 3-Dimensional Magnetic Resonance Elastography Depicts Liver Fibrosis and Inflammation in Obese Patients.
Darwish OI, Gharib AM, Jeljeli S, Metwalli NS, Feeley J, Rotman Y, Brown RJ, Ouwerkerk R, Kleiner DE, Stäb D, Speier P, Sinkus R, Neji R.
Invest Radiol (2023 Jun 1) 58:413-419. Abstract/Full Text
Native-resolution myocardial principal Eulerian strain mapping using convolutional neural networks and Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Yassine IA, Ghanem AM, Metwalli NS, Hamimi A, Ouwerkerk R, Matta JR, Solomon MA, Elinoff JM, Gharib AM, Abd-Elmoniem KZ.
Comput Biol Med (2022 Feb) 141:105041. Abstract/Full Text
Direct pixel to pixel principal strain mapping from tagging MRI using end to end deep convolutional neural network (DeepStrain).
Abd-Elmoniem KZ, Yassine IA, Metwalli NS, Hamimi A, Ouwerkerk R, Matta JR, Wessel M, Solomon MA, Elinoff JM, Ghanem AM, Gharib AM.
Sci Rep (2021 Nov 26) 11:23021. Abstract/Full Text
Utility of axial and radial diffusivity from diffusion tensor MRI as markers of neurodegeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
Metwalli NS, Benatar M, Nair G, Usher S, Hu X, Carew JD.
Brain Res (2010 Aug 12) 1348:156-64. Abstract/Full Text
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