Marc L. Reitman, M.D., Ph.D.
Marc L. Reitman.
Scientific Focus Areas: Clinical Research, Genetics and Genomics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Pharmacology, Neuroscience


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Select Publications

The metabolic cost of physical activity in mice using a physiology-based model of energy expenditure.
Škop V, Guo J, Liu N, Xiao C, Hall KD, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Mol Metab (2023 May) 71:101699. Abstract/Full Text
Preoptic BRS3 neurons increase body temperature and heart rate via multiple pathways.
Piñol RA, Mogul AS, Hadley CK, Saha A, Li C, Škop V, Province HS, Xiao C, Gavrilova O, Krashes MJ, Reitman ML.
Cell Metab (2021 Jul 6) 33:1389-1403.e6. Abstract/Full Text
Mouse Thermoregulation: Introducing the Concept of the Thermoneutral Point.
Škop V, Guo J, Liu N, Xiao C, Hall KD, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Cell Rep (2020 Apr 14) 31:107501. Abstract/Full Text
Physiology and effects of nucleosides in mice lacking all four adenosine receptors.
Xiao C, Liu N, Jacobson KA, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
PLoS Biol (2019 Mar) 17:e3000161. Abstract/Full Text
Brs3 neurons in the mouse dorsomedial hypothalamus regulate body temperature, energy expenditure, and heart rate, but not food intake.
Piñol RA, Zahler SH, Li C, Saha A, Tan BK, Škop V, Gavrilova O, Xiao C, Krashes MJ, Reitman ML.
Nat Neurosci (2018 Nov) 21:1530-1540. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Beyond day and night: The importance of ultradian rhythms in mouse physiology.
Škop V, Liu N, Xiao C, Stinson E, Chen KY, Hall KD, Piaggi P, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Mol Metab (2024 Jun) 84:101946. Abstract/Full Text
The thermoneutral zone in women takes an "arctic" shift compared to men.
Brychta RJ, McGehee S, Huang S, Leitner BP, Duckworth CJ, Fletcher LA, Kim K, Cassimatis TM, Israni NS, Lea HJ, Lentz TN, Pierce AE, Jiang A, LaMunion SR, Thomas RJ, Ishihara A, Courville AB, Yang SB, Reitman ML, Cypess AM, Chen KY.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2024 May 7) 121:e2311116121. Abstract/Full Text
Melanotan II causes hypothermia in mice by activation of mast cells and stimulation of histamine 1 receptors.
Jain S, Panyutin A, Liu N, Xiao C, Piñol RA, Pundir P, Girardet C, Butler AA, Dong X, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab (2018 Sep 1) 315:E357-E366. Abstract/Full Text
Of mice and men - environmental temperature, body temperature, and treatment of obesity.
Reitman ML.
FEBS Lett (2018 Jun) 592:2098-2107. Abstract/Full Text
Bombesin-like receptor 3 (Brs3) expression in glutamatergic, but not GABAergic, neurons is required for regulation of energy metabolism.
Xiao C, Piñol RA, Carlin JL, Li C, Deng C, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Mol Metab (2017 Nov) 6:1540-1550. Abstract/Full Text
How Does Fat Transition from White to Beige?
Reitman ML.
Cell Metab (2017 Jul 5) 26:14-16. Abstract/Full Text
Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic diet in overweight and obese men.
Hall KD, Chen KY, Guo J, Lam YY, Leibel RL, Mayer LE, Reitman ML, Rosenbaum M, Smith SR, Walsh BT, Ravussin E.
Am J Clin Nutr (2016 Aug) 104:324-33. Abstract/Full Text
Hormone-Replacement Therapy for Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone Deficiency.
Reitman ML.
N Engl J Med (2016 Jul 21) 375:278-9. Abstract/Full Text
Peripheral Adenosine A3 Receptor Activation Causes Regulated Hypothermia in Mice That Is Dependent on Central Histamine H1 Receptors.
Carlin JL, Tosh DK, Xiao C, Piñol RA, Chen Z, Salvemini D, Gavrilova O, Jacobson KA, Reitman ML.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther (2016 Feb) 356:474-82. Abstract/Full Text
Search for an Endogenous Bombesin-Like Receptor 3 (BRS-3) Ligand Using Parabiotic Mice.
Lateef DM, Xiao C, Reitman ML.
PLoS One (2015) 10:e0142637. Abstract/Full Text
Anti-obesity and metabolic efficacy of the β3-adrenergic agonist, CL316243, in mice at thermoneutrality compared to 22°C.
Xiao C, Goldgof M, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2015 Jul) 23:1450-9. Abstract/Full Text
RM-493, a melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4R) agonist, increases resting energy expenditure in obese individuals.
Chen KY, Muniyappa R, Abel BS, Mullins KP, Staker P, Brychta RJ, Zhao X, Ring M, Psota TL, Cone RD, Panaro BL, Gottesdiener KM, Van der Ploeg LH, Reitman ML, Skarulis MC.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2015 Apr) 100:1639-45. Abstract/Full Text
Integration of body temperature into the analysis of energy expenditure in the mouse.
Abreu-Vieira G, Xiao C, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
Mol Metab (2015 Jun) 4:461-70. Abstract/Full Text
The chemical uncoupler 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) protects against diet-induced obesity and improves energy homeostasis in mice at thermoneutrality.
Goldgof M, Xiao C, Chanturiya T, Jou W, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
J Biol Chem (2014 Jul 11) 289:19341-50. Abstract/Full Text
Regulation of body temperature and brown adipose tissue thermogenesis by bombesin receptor subtype-3.
Lateef DM, Abreu-Vieira G, Xiao C, Reitman ML.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab (2014 Mar) 306:E681-7. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of intermittent cold exposure on brown fat activation, obesity, and energy homeostasis in mice.
Ravussin Y, Xiao C, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
PLoS One (2014) 9:e85876. Abstract/Full Text
FGF21 mimetic shows therapeutic promise.
Reitman ML.
Cell Metab (2013 Sep 3) 18:307-9. Abstract/Full Text
Weight loss after gastric bypass is associated with a variant at 15q26.1.
Hatoum IJ, Greenawalt DM, Cotsapas C, Daly MJ, Reitman ML, Kaplan LM.
Am J Hum Genet (2013 May 2) 92:827-34. Abstract/Full Text
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of MK-5046, a bombesin receptor subtype-3 (BRS-3) agonist, in healthy patients.
Reitman ML, Dishy V, Moreau A, Denney WS, Liu C, Kraft WK, Mejia AV, Matson MA, Stoch SA, Wagner JA, Lai E.
J Clin Pharmacol (2012 Sep) 52:1306-16. Abstract/Full Text
Leptin in the liver: a toxic or beneficial mix?
Reitman ML.
Cell Metab (2012 Jul 3) 16:1-2. Abstract/Full Text
A guide to analysis of mouse energy metabolism.
Tschöp MH, Speakman JR, Arch JR, Auwerx J, Brüning JC, Chan L, Eckel RH, Farese RV Jr, Galgani JE, Hambly C, Herman MA, Horvath TL, Kahn BB, Kozma SC, Maratos-Flier E, Müller TD, Münzberg H, Pfluger PT, Plum L, Reitman ML, Rahmouni K, Shulman GI, Thomas G, Kahn CR, Ravussin E.
Nat Methods (2011 Dec 28) 9:57-63. Abstract/Full Text
Bombesin receptor subtype-3 (BRS-3) regulates glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in pancreatic islets across multiple species.
Feng Y, Guan XM, Li J, Metzger JM, Zhu Y, Juhl K, Zhang BB, Thornberry NA, Reitman ML, Zhou YP.
Endocrinology (2011 Nov) 152:4106-15. Abstract/Full Text
A survey of the genetics of stomach, liver, and adipose gene expression from a morbidly obese cohort.
Greenawalt DM, Dobrin R, Chudin E, Hatoum IJ, Suver C, Beaulaurier J, Zhang B, Castro V, Zhu J, Sieberts SK, Wang S, Molony C, Heymsfield SB, Kemp DM, Reitman ML, Lum PY, Schadt EE, Kaplan LM.
Genome Res (2011 Jul) 21:1008-16. Abstract/Full Text
Increasing skeletal muscle fatty acid transport protein 1 (FATP1) targets fatty acids to oxidation and does not predispose mice to diet-induced insulin resistance.
Holloway GP, Chou CJ, Lally J, Stellingwerff T, Maher AC, Gavrilova O, Haluzik M, Alkhateeb H, Reitman ML, Bonen A.
Diabetologia (2011 Jun) 54:1457-67. Abstract/Full Text
Antiobesity effect of MK-5046, a novel bombesin receptor subtype-3 agonist.
Guan XM, Metzger JM, Yang L, Raustad KA, Wang SP, Spann SK, Kosinski JA, Yu H, Shearman LP, Faidley TD, Palyha O, Kan Y, Kelly TM, Sebhat I, Lin LS, Dragovic J, Lyons KA, Craw S, Nargund RP, Marsh DJ, Strack AM, Reitman ML.
J Pharmacol Exp Ther (2011 Feb) 336:356-64. Abstract/Full Text
Rifampin's acute inhibitory and chronic inductive drug interactions: experimental and model-based approaches to drug-drug interaction trial design.
Reitman ML, Chu X, Cai X, Yabut J, Venkatasubramanian R, Zajic S, Stone JA, Ding Y, Witter R, Gibson C, Roupe K, Evers R, Wagner JA, Stoch A.
Clin Pharmacol Ther (2011 Feb) 89:234-42. Abstract/Full Text
Body temperature as a mouse pharmacodynamic response to bombesin receptor subtype-3 agonists and other potential obesity treatments.
Metzger JM, Gagen K, Raustad KA, Yang L, White A, Wang SP, Craw S, Liu P, Lanza T, Lin LS, Nargund RP, Guan XM, Strack AM, Reitman ML.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab (2010 Nov) 299:E816-24. Abstract/Full Text
Discovery of MK-5046, a Potent, Selective Bombesin Receptor Subtype-3 Agonist for the Treatment of Obesity.
Sebhat IK, Franklin C, Lo MM, Chen D, Jewell JP, Miller R, Pang J, Palyha O, Kan Y, Kelly TM, Guan XM, Marsh DJ, Kosinski JA, Metzger JM, Lyons K, Dragovic J, Guzzo PR, Henderson AJ, Reitman ML, Nargund RP, Wyvratt MJ, Lin LS.
ACS Med Chem Lett (2011 Jan 13) 2:43-7. Abstract/Full Text
Regulation of energy homeostasis by bombesin receptor subtype-3: selective receptor agonists for the treatment of obesity.
Guan XM, Chen H, Dobbelaar PH, Dong Y, Fong TM, Gagen K, Gorski J, He S, Howard AD, Jian T, Jiang M, Kan Y, Kelly TM, Kosinski J, Lin LS, Liu J, Marsh DJ, Metzger JM, Miller R, Nargund RP, Palyha O, Shearman L, Shen Z, Stearns R, Strack AM, Stribling S, Tang YS, Wang SP, White A, Yu H, Reitman ML.
Cell Metab (2010 Feb 3) 11:101-12. Abstract/Full Text
Increased insulin sensitivity in paternal Gnas knockout mice is associated with increased lipid clearance.
Chen M, Haluzik M, Wolf NJ, Lorenzo J, Dietz KR, Reitman ML, Weinstein LS.
Endocrinology (2004 Sep) 145:4094-102. Abstract/Full Text
Liver peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma contributes to hepatic steatosis, triglyceride clearance, and regulation of body fat mass.
Gavrilova O, Haluzik M, Matsusue K, Cutson JJ, Johnson L, Dietz KR, Nicol CJ, Vinson C, Gonzalez FJ, Reitman ML.
J Biol Chem (2003 Sep 5) 278:34268-76. Abstract/Full Text
Opposite effects of background genotype on muscle and liver insulin sensitivity of lipoatrophic mice. Role of triglyceride clearance.
Colombo C, Haluzik M, Cutson JJ, Dietz KR, Marcus-Samuels B, Vinson C, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
J Biol Chem (2003 Feb 7) 278:3992-9. Abstract/Full Text
Metabolic lessons from genetically lean mice.
Reitman ML.
Annu Rev Nutr (2002) 22:459-82. Abstract/Full Text
Lipoatrophy revisited.
Reitman ML, Arioglu E, Gavrilova O, Taylor SI.
Trends Endocrinol Metab (2000 Dec) 11:410-6. Abstract/Full Text
Adipose tissue is required for the antidiabetic, but not for the hypolipidemic, effect of thiazolidinediones.
Chao L, Marcus-Samuels B, Mason MM, Moitra J, Vinson C, Arioglu E, Gavrilova O, Reitman ML.
J Clin Invest (2000 Nov) 106:1221-8. Abstract/Full Text
Efficacy and safety of troglitazone in the treatment of lipodystrophy syndromes.
Arioglu E, Duncan-Morin J, Sebring N, Rother KI, Gottlieb N, Lieberman J, Herion D, Kleiner DE, Reynolds J, Premkumar A, Sumner AE, Hoofnagle J, Reitman ML, Taylor SI.
Ann Intern Med (2000 Aug 15) 133:263-74. Abstract/Full Text
Lack of obesity and normal response to fasting and thyroid hormone in mice lacking uncoupling protein-3.
Gong DW, Monemdjou S, Gavrilova O, Leon LR, Marcus-Samuels B, Chou CJ, Everett C, Kozak LP, Li C, Deng C, Harper ME, Reitman ML.
J Biol Chem (2000 May 26) 275:16251-7. Abstract/Full Text
Surgical implantation of adipose tissue reverses diabetes in lipoatrophic mice.
Gavrilova O, Marcus-Samuels B, Graham D, Kim JK, Shulman GI, Castle AL, Vinson C, Eckhaus M, Reitman ML.
J Clin Invest (2000 Feb) 105:271-8. Abstract/Full Text
Torpor in mice is induced by both leptin-dependent and -independent mechanisms.
Gavrilova O, Leon LR, Marcus-Samuels B, Mason MM, Castle AL, Refetoff S, Vinson C, Reitman ML.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (1999 Dec 7) 96:14623-8. Abstract/Full Text
Transgenic mice lacking white fat: models for understanding human lipoatrophic diabetes.
Reitman ML, Mason MM, Moitra J, Gavrilova O, Marcus-Samuels B, Eckhaus M, Vinson C.
Ann N Y Acad Sci (1999 Nov 18) 892:289-96. Abstract/Full Text
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