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Paul Rushing, Ph.D.

Photo of Paul Rushing
Scientific Review Officer: Grants Review Branch
Special Emphasis Panels Section

Responsibilities & Activities

I serve as scientific review officer for the Special Emphasis Panels Review Section. My main duty is to organize peer review meetings to evaluate the scientific merit of funding applications. I am interested in how the NIH can use electronic systems in the administration of research review and funding. I work with others to identify electronic requirements and to advise on functional priorities that the NIH can develop to best fulfill its mission. My research interests include the central regulation of energy homeostasis, gut hormones and the control of feeding behavior, and obesity.

Committees & Working Groups

  • NIH Electronic Research Administration Review Standing Committees, Business Advocate
  • NIH Review Users Group, Cochair
  • NIH Special Mechanisms Working Group, Member
  • NIDDK Obesity Working Group, Member
Last Reviewed March 2024