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Validation of Total Water Intake from the Automated Self-Administered 24-h Recall, 4-d Food Records, and a Food Frequency Questionnaire Using Doubly Labeled Water.
Chang DC, Stinson EJ, Dodd KW, Bowles HR, Herrick KA, Schoeller DA, Barrett B, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Kavouras SA.
J Nutr (2023 Oct) 153:3049-3057. Abstract/Full Text
Carbon Isotope Ratios of Plasma and RBC Fatty Acids Identify Meat Consumers in a 12-Week Inpatient Feeding Study of 32 Men.
Mitchell CM, Oxtoby LE, Shaw PA, Budge SM, Wooller MJ, Cabeza de Baca T, Krakoff J, Votruba S, O'Brien DM.
J Nutr (2023 Jan 14) 152:2847-2855. Abstract/Full Text
Amino Acid Nitrogen Isotope Ratios Respond to Fish and Meat Intake in a 12-Week Inpatient Feeding Study of Men.
Johnson JJ, Shaw PA, Wooller MJ, Venti CA, Krakoff J, Votruba SB, O'Brien DM.
J Nutr (2022 Sep 6) 152:2031-2038. Abstract/Full Text
Food insecurity is associated with higher respiratory quotient and lower glucagon-like peptide 1.
Booker JM, Chang DC, Stinson EJ, Mitchell CM, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Gluck ME, Cabeza de Baca T.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2022 Jun) 30:1248-1256. Abstract/Full Text
Meal-to-meal and day-to-day macronutrient variation in an ad libitum vending food paradigm.
Cabeza de Baca T, Piaggi P, Gluck ME, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Appetite (2022 Apr 1) 171:105944. Abstract/Full Text
The counterbalancing effects of energy expenditure on body weight regulation: Orexigenic versus energy-consuming mechanisms.
Piaggi P, Basolo A, Martin CK, Redman LM, Votruba SB, Krakoff J.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2022 Mar) 30:639-644. Abstract/Full Text
Food insecurity moderates the relationship between momentary affect and adherence in a dietary intervention study.
Andersen CC, Cabeza de Baca T, Votruba SB, Stinson EJ, Engel SG, Krakoff J, Gluck ME.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2022 Feb) 30:369-377. Abstract/Full Text
Higher fasting plasma FGF21 concentration is associated with lower ad libitum soda consumption in humans.
Basolo A, Hollstein T, Shah MH, Walter M, Krakoff J, Votruba SB, Piaggi P.
Am J Clin Nutr (2021 Oct 4) 114:1518-1522. Abstract/Full Text
Metabolic Characterization of Meat, Fish, and Soda Intake in Males: Secondary Results from a Randomized Inpatient Pilot Study.
Mitchell CM, Piaggi P, O'Brien DM, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2021 Jun) 29:995-1002. Abstract/Full Text
The carbon isotope ratios of nonessential amino acids identify sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) consumers in a 12-wk inpatient feeding study of 32 men with varying SSB and meat exposures.
Johnson JJ, Shaw PA, Oh EJ, Wooller MJ, Merriman S, Yun HY, Larsen T, Krakoff J, Votruba SB, O'Brien DM.
Am J Clin Nutr (2021 May 8) 113:1256-1264. Abstract/Full Text
Reduced metabolic efficiency in sedentary eucaloric conditions predicts greater weight regain in adults with obesity following sustained weight loss.
Hollstein T, Heinitz S, Basolo A, Krakoff J, Votruba SB, Piaggi P.
Int J Obes (Lond) (2021 Apr) 45:840-849. Abstract/Full Text
Reduced Albumin Concentration Predicts Weight Gain and Higher Ad Libitum Energy Intake in Humans.
Basolo A, Ando T, Chang DC, Hollstein T, Krakoff J, Piaggi P, Votruba S.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) (2021) 12:642568. Abstract/Full Text
Assessing established BMI variants for a role in nighttime eating behavior in robustly phenotyped Southwestern American Indians.
Köroğlu Ç, Gluck ME, Traurig M, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Stinson EJ, Chen P, Bogardus C, Piaggi P, Baier LJ.
Eur J Clin Nutr (2020 Dec) 74:1718-1724. Abstract/Full Text
Is Dietary Nonadherence Unique to Obesity and Weight Loss? Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial.
Stinson EJ, Piaggi P, Votruba SB, Venti C, Lovato-Morales B, Engel S, Krakoff J, Gluck ME.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2020 Nov) 28:2020-2027. Abstract/Full Text
Early adaptive thermogenesis is a determinant of weight loss after six weeks of caloric restriction in overweight subjects.
Heinitz S, Hollstein T, Ando T, Walter M, Basolo A, Krakoff J, Votruba SB, Piaggi P.
Metabolism (2020 Sep) 110:154303. Abstract/Full Text
Thigh Adipocyte Size is Inversely Related to Energy Intake and Respiratory Quotient in Healthy Women.
Basolo A, Shah MH, Parthasarathy V, Parrington S, Walter M, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Piaggi P, Chang DC.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2020 Jun) 28:1129-1140. Abstract/Full Text
Recharacterizing the Metabolic State of Energy Balance in Thrifty and Spendthrift Phenotypes.
Hollstein T, Basolo A, Ando T, Votruba SB, Walter M, Krakoff J, Piaggi P.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2020 May 1) 105:1375-92. Abstract/Full Text
Higher Urinary Dopamine Concentration is Associated with Greater Ad Libitum Energy Intake in Humans.
Basolo A, Ando T, Hollstein T, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Piaggi P.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2020 May) 28:953-961. Abstract/Full Text
Reply to Mantha OL et al.
O'Brien DM, Votruba SB.
Am J Clin Nutr (2020 May 1) 111:1110-1111. Abstract/Full Text
Urinary Norepinephrine Is a Metabolic Determinant of 24-Hour Energy Expenditure and Sleeping Metabolic Rate in Adult Humans.
Hollstein T, Basolo A, Ando T, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Piaggi P.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2020 Apr 1) 105:1145-56. Abstract/Full Text
Hydration biomarkers and copeptin: relationship with ad libitum energy intake, energy expenditure, and metabolic fuel selection.
Chang DC, Basolo A, Piaggi P, Votruba SB, Krakoff J.
Eur J Clin Nutr (2020 Jan) 74:158-166. Abstract/Full Text
Associations of plasma, RBCs, and hair carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios with fish, meat, and sugar-sweetened beverage intake in a 12-wk inpatient feeding study.
Votruba SB, Shaw PA, Oh EJ, Venti CA, Bonfiglio S, Krakoff J, O'Brien DM.
Am J Clin Nutr (2019 Dec 1) 110:1306-1315. Abstract/Full Text
Metabolic response to fasting predicts weight gain during low-protein overfeeding in lean men: further evidence for spendthrift and thrifty metabolic phenotypes.
Hollstein T, Ando T, Basolo A, Krakoff J, Votruba SB, Piaggi P.
Am J Clin Nutr (2019 Sep 1) 110:593-604. Abstract/Full Text
Fasting glucagon-like peptide 1 concentration is associated with lower carbohydrate intake and increases with overeating.
Basolo A, Heinitz S, Stinson EJ, Begaye B, Hohenadel M, Piaggi P, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
J Endocrinol Invest (2019 May) 42:557-566. Abstract/Full Text
Food Insecurity is Associated with Maladaptive Eating Behaviors and Objectively Measured Overeating.
Stinson EJ, Votruba SB, Venti C, Perez M, Krakoff J, Gluck ME.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2018 Dec) 26:1841-1848. Abstract/Full Text
Response of skeletal muscle UCP2-expression during metabolic adaptation to caloric restriction.
Heinitz S, Piaggi P, Yang S, Bonfiglio S, Steel J, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Int J Obes (Lond) (2018 Jun) 42:974-984. Abstract/Full Text
Deviations in energy sensing predict long-term weight change in overweight Native Americans.
Basolo A, Votruba SB, Heinitz S, Krakoff J, Piaggi P.
Metabolism (2018 May) 82:65-71. Abstract/Full Text
High Fat and Sugar Consumption During Ad Libitum Intake Predicts Weight Gain.
Stinson EJ, Piaggi P, Ibrahim M, Venti C, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2018 Apr) 26:689-695. Abstract/Full Text
Neuromodulation directed at the prefrontal cortex of subjects with obesity reduces snack food intake and hunger in a randomized trial.
Heinitz S, Reinhardt M, Piaggi P, Weise CM, Diaz E, Stinson EJ, Venti C, Votruba SB, Wassermann EM, Alonso-Alonso M, Krakoff J, Gluck ME.
Am J Clin Nutr (2017 Dec) 106:1347-1357. Abstract/Full Text
In Vitro lipolysis is associated with whole-body lipid oxidation and weight gain in humans.
Frankl J, Piaggi P, Foley JE, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2017 Jan) 25:207-214. Abstract/Full Text
Higher insulin and higher body fat via leptin are associated with disadvantageous decisions in the Iowa gambling task.
Chang DC, Piaggi P, Burkholder JE, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Gluck ME.
Physiol Behav (2016 Dec 1) 167:392-398. Abstract/Full Text
Lower core body temperature and greater body fat are components of a human thrifty phenotype.
Reinhardt M, Schlögl M, Bonfiglio S, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Thearle MS.
Int J Obes (Lond) (2016 May) 40:754-60. Abstract/Full Text
A Human Thrifty Phenotype Associated With Less Weight Loss During Caloric Restriction.
Reinhardt M, Thearle MS, Ibrahim M, Hohenadel MG, Bogardus C, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Diabetes (2015 Aug) 64:2859-67. Abstract/Full Text
Higher Daily Energy Expenditure and Respiratory Quotient, Rather Than Fat-Free Mass, Independently Determine Greater ad Libitum Overeating.
Piaggi P, Thearle MS, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2015 Aug) 100:3011-20. Abstract/Full Text
Perseveration augments the effects of cognitive restraint on ad libitum food intake in adults seeking weight loss.
Graham AL, Gluck ME, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Thearle MS.
Appetite (2014 Nov) 82:78-84. Abstract/Full Text
Weight maintenance from young adult weight predicts better health outcomes.
Votruba SB, Thearle MS, Piaggi P, Knowler WC, Hanson RL, Krakoff J.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2014 Nov) 22:2361-9. Abstract/Full Text
Soda consumption during ad libitum food intake predicts weight change.
Bundrick SC, Thearle MS, Venti CA, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
J Acad Nutr Diet (2014 Mar) 114:444-449. Abstract/Full Text
Body composition and energy expenditure predict ad-libitum food and macronutrient intake in humans.
Weise CM, Hohenadel MG, Krakoff J, Votruba SB.
Int J Obes (Lond) (2014 Feb) 38:243-51. Abstract/Full Text
Impaired glucose regulation is associated with poorer performance on the Stroop Task.
Gluck ME, Ziker C, Schwegler M, Thearle M, Votruba SB, Krakoff J.
Physiol Behav (2013 Oct 2) 122:113-9. Abstract/Full Text
Food label accuracy of common snack foods.
Jumpertz R, Venti CA, Le DS, Michaels J, Parrington S, Krakoff J, Votruba S.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2013 Jan) 21:164-9. Abstract/Full Text
Short-term regional meal fat storage in nonobese humans is not a predictor of long-term regional fat gain.
Votruba SB, Jensen MD.
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab (2012 May 15) 302:E1078-83. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of ad libitum food intake, physical activity, and sedentary time in response to overfeeding.
He J, Votruba S, Pomeroy J, Bonfiglio S, Krakoff J.
PLoS One (2012) 7:e36225. Abstract/Full Text
Short-term isocaloric manipulation of carbohydrate intake: effect on subsequent ad libitum energy intake.
Penesova A, Venti CA, Bunt JC, Bonfiglio SM, Votruba SB, Krakoff J.
Eur J Nutr (2011 Sep) 50:455-63. Abstract/Full Text
Insulin sensitivity and regional fat gain in response to overfeeding.
Votruba SB, Jensen MD.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2011 Feb) 19:269-75. Abstract/Full Text
Regional differences in cellular mechanisms of adipose tissue gain with overfeeding.
Tchoukalova YD, Votruba SB, Tchkonia T, Giorgadze N, Kirkland JL, Jensen MD.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2010 Oct 19) 107:18226-31. Abstract/Full Text
Sex- and depot-dependent differences in adipogenesis in normal-weight humans.
Tchoukalova YD, Koutsari C, Votruba SB, Tchkonia T, Giorgadze N, Thomou T, Kirkland JL, Jensen MD.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2010 Oct) 18:1875-80. Abstract/Full Text
Modest visceral fat gain causes endothelial dysfunction in healthy humans.
Romero-Corral A, Sert-Kuniyoshi FH, Sierra-Johnson J, Orban M, Gami A, Davison D, Singh P, Pusalavidyasagar S, Huyber C, Votruba S, Lopez-Jimenez F, Jensen MD, Somers VK.
J Am Coll Cardiol (2010 Aug 17) 56:662-6. Abstract/Full Text
Reproducibility of ad libitum energy intake with the use of a computerized vending machine system.
Venti CA, Votruba SB, Franks PW, Krakoff J, Salbe AD.
Am J Clin Nutr (2010 Feb) 91:343-8. Abstract/Full Text
Morning ghrelin concentrations are not affected by short-term overfeeding and do not predict ad libitum food intake in humans.
Votruba SB, Kirchner H, Tschöp M, Salbe AD, Krakoff J.
Am J Clin Nutr (2009 Mar) 89:801-6. Abstract/Full Text
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