Peter Yuen, Ph.D.


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BAM15 treats mouse sepsis and kidney injury, linking mortality, mitochondrial DNA, tubule damage, and neutrophils.
Tsuji N, Tsuji T, Yamashita T, Hayase N, Hu X, Yuen PS, Star RA.
J Clin Invest (2023 Apr 3) 133. Abstract/Full Text
The effect of continuous intravenous norepinephrine infusion on systemic hemodynamics in a telemetrically-monitored mouse model of sepsis.
Yamashita T, Street JM, Halasa BC, Naito Y, Tsuji T, Tsuji N, Hayase N, Yuen PST, Star RA.
PLoS One (2022) 17:e0271667. Abstract/Full Text
Experimental models of acute kidney injury for translational research.
Hukriede NA, Soranno DE, Sander V, Perreau T, Starr MC, Yuen PST, Siskind LJ, Hutchens MP, Davidson AJ, Burmeister DM, Faubel S, de Caestecker MP.
Nat Rev Nephrol (2022 May) 18:277-293. Abstract/Full Text
Cell-free DNA maps COVID-19 tissue injury and risk of death and can cause tissue injury.
Andargie TE, Tsuji N, Seifuddin F, Jang MK, Yuen PS, Kong H, Tunc I, Singh K, Charya A, Wilkins K, Nathan S, Cox A, Pirooznia M, Star RA, Agbor-Enoh S.
JCI Insight (2021 Apr 8) 6. Abstract/Full Text
The role of adenosine 1a receptor signaling on GFR early after the induction of sepsis.
Street JM, Koritzinsky EH, Bellomo TR, Hu X, Yuen PST, Star RA.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2018 May 1) 314:F788-F797. Abstract/Full Text
Mitochondrial DNA-enriched microparticles promote acute-on-chronic alcoholic neutrophilia and hepatotoxicity.
Cai Y, Xu MJ, Koritzinsky EH, Zhou Z, Wang W, Cao H, Yuen PS, Ross RA, Star RA, Liangpunsakul S, Gao B.
JCI Insight (2017 Jul 20) 2. Abstract/Full Text
Quantification of Exosomes.
Koritzinsky EH, Street JM, Star RA, Yuen PS.
J Cell Physiol (2017 Jul) 232:1587-1590. Abstract/Full Text
CD11b activation suppresses TLR-dependent inflammation and autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus.
Faridi MH, Khan SQ, Zhao W, Lee HW, Altintas MM, Zhang K, Kumar V, Armstrong AR, Carmona-Rivera C, Dorschner JM, Schnaith AM, Li X, Ghodke-Puranik Y, Moore E, Purmalek M, Irizarry-Caro J, Zhang T, Day R, Stoub D, Hoffmann V, Khaliqdina SJ, Bhargava P, Santander AM, Torroella-Kouri M, Issac B, Cimbaluk DJ, Zloza A, Prabhakar R, Deep S, Jolly M, Koh KH, Reichner JS, Bradshaw EM, Chen J, Moita LF, Yuen PS, Li Tsai W, Singh B, Reiser J, Nath SK, Niewold TB, Vazquez-Padron RI, Kaplan MJ, Gupta V.
J Clin Invest (2017 Apr 3) 127:1271-1283. Abstract/Full Text
Urine Exosomes: An Emerging Trove of Biomarkers.
Street JM, Koritzinsky EH, Glispie DM, Star RA, Yuen PS.
Adv Clin Chem (2017) 78:103-122. Abstract/Full Text
Urine Exosome Isolation and Characterization.
Street JM, Koritzinsky EH, Glispie DM, Yuen PST.
Methods Mol Biol (2017) 1641:413-423. Abstract/Full Text
Absolute Measurement of Cardiac Injury-Induced microRNAs in Biofluids across Multiple Test Sites.
Thompson KL, Boitier E, Chen T, Couttet P, Ellinger-Ziegelbauer H, Goetschy M, Guillemain G, Kanki M, Kelsall J, Mariet C, de La Moureyre-Spire C, Mouritzen P, Nassirpour R, O'Lone R, Pine PS, Rosenzweig BA, Sharapova T, Smith A, Uchiyama H, Yan J, Yuen PS, Wolfinger R.
Toxicol Sci (2016 Nov) 154:115-125. Abstract/Full Text
Lipopolysaccharide-Induced CD300b Receptor Binding to Toll-like Receptor 4 Alters Signaling to Drive Cytokine Responses that Enhance Septic Shock.
Voss OH, Murakami Y, Pena MY, Lee HN, Tian L, Margulies DH, Street JM, Yuen PS, Qi CF, Krzewski K, Coligan JE.
Immunity (2016 Jun 21) 44:1365-78. Abstract/Full Text
Human SR-BI and SR-BII Potentiate Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Inflammation and Acute Liver and Kidney Injury in Mice.
Baranova IN, Souza AC, Bocharov AV, Vishnyakova TG, Hu X, Vaisman BL, Amar MJ, Chen Z, Kost Y, Remaley AT, Patterson AP, Yuen PS, Star RA, Eggerman TL.
J Immunol (2016 Apr 1) 196:3135-47. Abstract/Full Text
Antagonism of scavenger receptor CD36 by 5A peptide prevents chronic kidney disease progression in mice independent of blood pressure regulation.
Souza AC, Bocharov AV, Baranova IN, Vishnyakova TG, Huang YG, Wilkins KJ, Hu X, Street JM, Alvarez-Prats A, Mullick AE, Patterson AP, Remaley AT, Eggerman TL, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2016 Apr) 89:809-22. Abstract/Full Text
TLR4 mutant mice are protected from renal fibrosis and chronic kidney disease progression.
Souza AC, Tsuji T, Baranova IN, Bocharov AV, Wilkins KJ, Street JM, Alvarez-Prats A, Hu X, Eggerman T, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Physiol Rep (2015 Sep) 3. Abstract/Full Text
Microparticles: markers and mediators of sepsis-induced microvascular dysfunction, immunosuppression, and AKI.
Souza AC, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2015 Jun) 87:1100-8. Abstract/Full Text
Pulsed focused ultrasound pretreatment improves mesenchymal stromal cell efficacy in preventing and rescuing established acute kidney injury in mice.
Burks SR, Nguyen BA, Tebebi PA, Kim SJ, Bresler MN, Ziadloo A, Street JM, Yuen PS, Star RA, Frank JA.
Stem Cells (2015 Apr) 33:1241-53. Abstract/Full Text
Comparison of serum creatinine and serum cystatin C as biomarkers to detect sepsis-induced acute kidney injury and to predict mortality in CD-1 mice.
Leelahavanichkul A, Souza AC, Street JM, Hsu V, Tsuji T, Doi K, Li L, Hu X, Zhou H, Kumar P, Schnermann J, Star RA, Yuen PS.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2014 Oct 15) 307:F939-48. Abstract/Full Text
Automated quantification of renal fibrosis with Sirius Red and polarization contrast microscopy.
Street JM, Souza AC, Alvarez-Prats A, Horino T, Hu X, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Physiol Rep (2014 Jul 1) 2. Abstract/Full Text
Microparticles during sepsis: target, canary or cure?
Zafrani L, Ince C, Yuen PS.
Intensive Care Med (2013 Oct) 39:1854-6. Abstract/Full Text
Urinary exosomal Wilms' tumor-1 as a potential biomarker for podocyte injury.
Zhou H, Kajiyama H, Tsuji T, Hu X, Leelahavanichkul A, Vento S, Frank R, Kopp JB, Trachtman H, Star RA, Yuen PS.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2013 Aug 15) 305:F553-9. Abstract/Full Text
Calpastatin controls polymicrobial sepsis by limiting procoagulant microparticle release.
Zafrani L, Gerotziafas G, Byrnes C, Hu X, Perez J, Lévi C, Placier S, Letavernier E, Leelahavanichkul A, Haymann JP, Elalamy I, Miller JL, Star RA, Yuen PS, Baud L.
Am J Respir Crit Care Med (2012 Apr 1) 185:744-55. Abstract/Full Text
Class B scavenger receptor types I and II and CD36 targeting improves sepsis survival and acute outcomes in mice.
Leelahavanichkul A, Bocharov AV, Kurlander R, Baranova IN, Vishnyakova TG, Souza AC, Hu X, Doi K, Vaisman B, Amar M, Sviridov D, Chen Z, Remaley AT, Csako G, Patterson AP, Yuen PS, Star RA, Eggerman TL.
J Immunol (2012 Mar 15) 188:2749-58. Abstract/Full Text
Class B scavenger receptor types I and II and CD36 mediate bacterial recognition and proinflammatory signaling induced by Escherichia coli, lipopolysaccharide, and cytosolic chaperonin 60.
Baranova IN, Vishnyakova TG, Bocharov AV, Leelahavanichkul A, Kurlander R, Chen Z, Souza AC, Yuen PS, Star RA, Csako G, Patterson AP, Eggerman TL.
J Immunol (2012 Feb 1) 188:1371-80. Abstract/Full Text
Chronic kidney disease worsens sepsis and sepsis-induced acute kidney injury by releasing High Mobility Group Box Protein-1.
Leelahavanichkul A, Huang Y, Hu X, Zhou H, Tsuji T, Chen R, Kopp JB, Schnermann J, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2011 Dec) 80:1198-211. Abstract/Full Text
Angiotensin II overcomes strain-dependent resistance of rapid CKD progression in a new remnant kidney mouse model.
Leelahavanichkul A, Yan Q, Hu X, Eisner C, Huang Y, Chen R, Mizel D, Zhou H, Wright EC, Kopp JB, Schnermann J, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2010 Dec) 78:1136-53. Abstract/Full Text
Major contribution of tubular secretion to creatinine clearance in mice.
Eisner C, Faulhaber-Walter R, Wang Y, Leelahavanichkul A, Yuen PS, Mizel D, Star RA, Briggs JP, Levine M, Schnermann J.
Kidney Int (2010 Mar) 77:519-26. Abstract/Full Text
Exosomes from human saliva as a source of microRNA biomarkers.
Michael A, Bajracharya SD, Yuen PS, Zhou H, Star RA, Illei GG, Alevizos I.
Oral Dis (2010 Jan) 16:34-8. Abstract/Full Text
Isolation and purification of exosomes in urine.
Gonzales PA, Zhou H, Pisitkun T, Wang NS, Star RA, Knepper MA, Yuen PS.
Methods Mol Biol (2010) 641:89-99. Abstract/Full Text
Animal models of sepsis and sepsis-induced kidney injury.
Doi K, Leelahavanichkul A, Yuen PS, Star RA.
J Clin Invest (2009 Oct) 119:2868-78. Abstract/Full Text
Reduced production of creatinine limits its use as marker of kidney injury in sepsis.
Doi K, Yuen PS, Eisner C, Hu X, Leelahavanichkul A, Schnermann J, Star RA.
J Am Soc Nephrol (2009 Jun) 20:1217-21. Abstract/Full Text
Bone marrow stromal cells attenuate sepsis via prostaglandin E(2)-dependent reprogramming of host macrophages to increase their interleukin-10 production.
Németh K, Leelahavanichkul A, Yuen PS, Mayer B, Parmelee A, Doi K, Robey PG, Leelahavanichkul K, Koller BH, Brown JM, Hu X, Jelinek I, Star RA, Mezey E.
Nat Med (2009 Jan) 15:42-9. Abstract/Full Text
Methyl-2-acetamidoacrylate, an ethyl pyruvate analog, decreases sepsis-induced acute kidney injury in mice.
Leelahavanichkul A, Yasuda H, Doi K, Hu X, Zhou H, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2008 Dec) 295:F1825-35. Abstract/Full Text
Pre-existing renal disease promotes sepsis-induced acute kidney injury and worsens outcome.
Doi K, Leelahavanichkul A, Hu X, Sidransky KL, Zhou H, Qin Y, Eisner C, Schnermann J, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2008 Oct) 74:1017-25. Abstract/Full Text
Urinary exosomal transcription factors, a new class of biomarkers for renal disease.
Zhou H, Cheruvanky A, Hu X, Matsumoto T, Hiramatsu N, Cho ME, Berger A, Leelahavanichkul A, Doi K, Chawla LS, Illei GG, Kopp JB, Balow JE, Austin HA 3rd, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2008 Sep) 74:613-21. Abstract/Full Text
AP214, an analogue of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone, ameliorates sepsis-induced acute kidney injury and mortality.
Doi K, Hu X, Yuen PS, Leelahavanichkul A, Yasuda H, Kim SM, Schnermann J, Jonassen TE, Frøkiaer J, Nielsen S, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2008 Jun) 73:1266-74. Abstract/Full Text
Chloroquine and inhibition of Toll-like receptor 9 protect from sepsis-induced acute kidney injury.
Yasuda H, Leelahavanichkul A, Tsunoda S, Dear JW, Takahashi Y, Ito S, Hu X, Zhou H, Doi K, Childs R, Klinman DM, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2008 May) 294:F1050-8. Abstract/Full Text
Liver proteomics for therapeutic drug discovery: inhibition of the cyclophilin receptor CD147 attenuates sepsis-induced acute renal failure.
Dear JW, Leelahavanichkul A, Aponte A, Hu X, Constant SL, Hewitt SM, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Crit Care Med (2007 Oct) 35:2319-28. Abstract/Full Text
Rapid isolation of urinary exosomal biomarkers using a nanomembrane ultrafiltration concentrator.
Cheruvanky A, Zhou H, Pisitkun T, Kopp JB, Knepper MA, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2007 May) 292:F1657-61. Abstract/Full Text
Exosomal Fetuin-A identified by proteomics: a novel urinary biomarker for detecting acute kidney injury.
Zhou H, Pisitkun T, Aponte A, Yuen PS, Hoffert JD, Yasuda H, Hu X, Chawla L, Shen RF, Knepper MA, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2006 Nov) 70:1847-57. Abstract/Full Text
Biomarker and drug-target discovery using proteomics in a new rat model of sepsis-induced acute renal failure.
Holly MK, Dear JW, Hu X, Schechter AN, Gladwin MT, Hewitt SM, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2006 Aug) 70:496-506. Abstract/Full Text
Ischemic and nephrotoxic acute renal failure are distinguished by their broad transcriptomic responses.
Yuen PS, Jo SK, Holly MK, Hu X, Star RA.
Physiol Genomics (2006 May 16) 25:375-86. Abstract/Full Text
Simvastatin improves sepsis-induced mortality and acute kidney injury via renal vascular effects.
Yasuda H, Yuen PS, Hu X, Zhou H, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2006 May) 69:1535-42. Abstract/Full Text
Collection, storage, preservation, and normalization of human urinary exosomes for biomarker discovery.
Zhou H, Yuen PS, Pisitkun T, Gonzales PA, Yasuda H, Dear JW, Gross P, Knepper MA, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2006 Apr) 69:1471-6. Abstract/Full Text
Sepsis-induced organ failure is mediated by different pathways in the kidney and liver: acute renal failure is dependent on MyD88 but not renal cell apoptosis.
Dear JW, Yasuda H, Hu X, Hieny S, Yuen PS, Hewitt SM, Sher A, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2006 Mar) 69:832-6. Abstract/Full Text
Acute Kidney Injury Biomarkers - Needs, Present Status, and Future Promise.
Zhou H, Hewitt SM, Yuen PS, Star RA.
Nephrol Self Assess Program (2006 Mar) 5:63-71. Abstract/Full Text
Hemolysis-associated endothelial dysfunction mediated by accelerated NO inactivation by decompartmentalized oxyhemoglobin.
Minneci PC, Deans KJ, Zhi H, Yuen PS, Star RA, Banks SM, Schechter AN, Natanson C, Gladwin MT, Solomon SB.
J Clin Invest (2005 Dec) 115:3409-17. Abstract/Full Text
Dendrimer-enhanced MRI as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker of sepsis-induced acute renal failure in aged mice.
Dear JW, Kobayashi H, Jo SK, Holly MK, Hu X, Yuen PS, Brechbiel MW, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2005 Jun) 67:2159-67. Abstract/Full Text
A simplified method for HPLC determination of creatinine in mouse serum.
Yuen PS, Dunn SR, Miyaji T, Yasuda H, Sharma K, Star RA.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2004 Jun) 286:F1116-9. Abstract/Full Text
Ethyl pyruvate decreases sepsis-induced acute renal failure and multiple organ damage in aged mice.
Miyaji T, Hu X, Yuen PS, Muramatsu Y, Iyer S, Hewitt SM, Star RA.
Kidney Int (2003 Nov) 64:1620-31. Abstract/Full Text
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