Renal Diagnostics & Therapeutics Unit

of the Kidney Diseases Branch

Conducts clinical and laboratory studies on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of acute kidney injury.

Select Publications

Cell-free DNA maps COVID-19 tissue injury and risk of death and can cause tissue injury.
Andargie TE, Tsuji N, Seifuddin F, Jang MK, Yuen PS, Kong H, Tunc I, Singh K, Charya A, Wilkins K, Nathan S, Cox A, Pirooznia M, Star RA, Agbor-Enoh S.
JCI Insight (2021 Apr 8) 6. Abstract/Full Text
Circadian variation in the release of small extracellular vesicles can be normalized by vesicle number or TSG101.
Koritzinsky EH, Street JM, Chari RR, Glispie DM, Bellomo TR, Aponte AM, Star RA, Yuen PST.
Am J Physiol Renal Physiol (2019 Nov 1) 317:F1098-F1110. Abstract/Full Text
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