Prevention of Bladder Control Problems & Bedwetting in Children

How can I help my child prevent bladder control problems?

Often, you can’t prevent a bladder control problem, especially bedwetting, which is a common pattern of normal child development. However, good habits may help your child have more dry days and nights, including

  • avoid or treat constipation.
  • urinate every 2 to 3 hours during the day—4 to 7 times total in a day.
  • drink the right amount of liquid, with most liquids consumed between morning and about 5 p.m. Ask your child’s health care provider how much liquid is healthy, based on age, weather, and activities.
  • avoid drinks with caffeine or bubbles, citrus juices, and sports drinks. These drinks may irritate the bladder or produce extra urine.
Last Reviewed September 2017
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