Annual NIDDK Scientific Conference

The Annual NIDDK Scientific Conference is a two-day research and career development event that brings together fellows and scientists from NIDDK's Intramural Research Program (IRP). The goal of the conference is to encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas, foster new collaborations, and promote a sense of community among NIDDK researchers. The conference is organized by members of the Fellows Advisory Board (FAB).

Scientific presenters and conference participants in a conference hall Image Credit: Pavol Genzor

17th Annual NIDDK Scientific Conference
April 7th–8th, 2022 (hosted virtually)


Deadline for abstract submission is February 11th, 2022 and registration for NIDDK attendees is open until April 6th, 2022. You can register first and submit your abstract later. The registration form will only display if you are inside the NIH network. Everyone from the NIDDK community is welcome to register and attend!

Keynote Speakers

This year's event will include two keynote speakers:

  • Dr. Karmella Haynes, Emory University
  • Dr. Raychelle Burks, American University

Fellows’ Oral and Poster Presentations, Elevator Talks and Poster Presentations

Fellows can share their research findings and compete for one of nine travel awards - tw0 for oral presentations, one for the elevator talk and six for poster presentations.

To take part in the competition for award, one must be an NIDDK fellow and agree to judge one of the sessions at the conference!

Fellows’ Career Consulting Event

Fellows will have the opportunity to discuss their potential career options with experts from various fields:

  • Dr. Louise Charkoudian, Haverford College, PA
  • Dr. David Rosen, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO
  • Dr. Herman Nikolayevskiy, University of San Francisco, CA
  • Dr. Mohit Mathew, Salubris Biotherapeutics, MD
  • Dr. Erika Dahl, Halloran Consulting Group, MN
  • Dr. Gary Krieger, NewFields, CO
  • Dr. Tania Incitti, Astra Zeneca, Sweden
  • Dr. Mu Sun, Neukio Biotherapeutics, China

Important Links and Documents

Conference Registration Page (NIH VPN required)

Conference Agenda:

Final Schedule (PDF, 222.19 KB)
Conference Rules and Judging Rubrics (PDF, 320 KB)