Exploratory and Developmental HIV/AIDS Research within the NIDDK’s Mission

May 2024 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Peter Perrin, Ph.D.; Khoa Nguyen, PharmD

Executive Summary

This initiative encourages innovative basic, translational, or clinical research on NIH HIV/AIDS priority research within NIDDK’s mission by facilitating exploratory and developmental research that might lead to a larger, more encompassing project. Several important HIV comorbidities, coinfections, and complications affect organs, tissues, and processes within NIDDK’s mission. Examples include obesity, diabetes and metabolic and endocrine complications; kidney, urologic and hematologic diseases; enteropathy and its impact on the digestive system as well as other organs and tissues; noncommunicable liver disease; and viral hepatitis. Understanding disease mechanisms in the context of HIV or its treatment is essential for prevention and management of these conditions. In addition, the contributions of health-impeding social determinants of health must also be addressed. Elucidating mechanisms underlying HIV reservoirs in NIDDK-relevant tissues is essential toward development of strategies for long-term viral suppression or eradication of HIV from the body.