Matching for Kidney Precision Therapeutics (MAP-IT)

May 2024 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Debbie Gipson, M.D., M.S.

Executive Summary

Patients with kidney disease are frustrated by the generic standard of care management that includes a series of treatments with low likelihood of kidney preservation and significant risk for toxicity. The Kidney Precision Medicine Project was implemented to advance the characterization of kidney disease mechanistic subgroups, associated biomarkers, and treatment targets with a goal to improve the subsequent opportunities for precision therapies. This new initiative is being designed to prepare the next step in the translational pipeline and will be informed by a March 18-19, 2024, NIDDK workshop entitled Preparing for Kidney Precision Medicine Trials. Currently identified gaps include a need for broader expertise in translating mechanism discovery to interventional trials, the translational gap from biomarker discovery to high reliability assays with defined cut-points for target population identification and trial endpoints, and efficient screening of kidney patient disease mechanisms to inform precision clinical trial enrollment. The creation of a national matching for kidney precision therapeutics program (MAP-IT) is designed to address these gaps. In this first phase, initial objectives will be accomplished by 1) Establishing a transdisciplinary, multi-institutional consultative team to assess and advise on kidney precision medicine trial proposals, 2) Refine and deploy assays fit for use in human trials, and 3) Implement clinical trials platform demonstration projects.