Aaron M. Cypess, M.D., Ph.D., M.M.Sc.

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Scientific Focus Areas: Cell Biology, Clinical Research, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


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Select Publications

Regulation of Human Adipose Tissue Activation, Gallbladder Size, and Bile Acid Metabolism by a β3-Adrenergic Receptor Agonist.
Baskin AS, Linderman JD, Brychta RJ, McGehee S, Anflick-Chames E, Cero C, Johnson JW, O'Mara AE, Fletcher LA, Leitner BP, Duckworth CJ, Huang S, Cai H, Garraffo HM, Millo CM, Dieckmann W, Tolstikov V, Chen EY, Gao F, Narain NR, Kiebish MA, Walter PJ, Herscovitch P, Chen KY, Cypess AM.
Diabetes (2018 Oct) 67:2113-2125. Abstract/Full Text
Kinetics of human brown adipose tissue activation and deactivation.
Leitner BP, Weiner LS, Desir M, Kahn PA, Selen DJ, Tsang C, Kolodny GM, Cypess AM.
Int J Obes (Lond) (2018 May 24) Abstract/Full Text
Corrigendum: The cold-induced lipokine 12,13-diHOME promotes fatty acid transport into brown adipose tissue.
Lynes MD, Leiria LO, Lundh M, Bartelt A, Shamsi F, Huang TL, Takahashi H, Hirshman MF, Schlein C, Lee A, Baer LA, May FJ, Gao F, Narain NR, Chen EY, Kiebish MA, Cypess AM, Blüher M, Goodyear LJ, Hotamisligil GS, Stanford KI, Tseng YH.
Nat Med (2017 Nov 7) 23:1384. Abstract/Full Text
Mapping of human brown adipose tissue in lean and obese young men.
Leitner BP, Huang S, Brychta RJ, Duckworth CJ, Baskin AS, McGehee S, Tal I, Dieckmann W, Gupta G, Kolodny GM, Pacak K, Herscovitch P, Cypess AM, Chen KY.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017 Aug 8) 114:8649-8654. Abstract/Full Text
Brown Adipose Reporting Criteria in Imaging STudies (BARCIST 1.0): Recommendations for Standardized FDG-PET/CT Experiments in Humans.
Chen KY, Cypess AM, Laughlin MR, Haft CR, Hu HH, Bredella MA, Enerbäck S, Kinahan PE, Lichtenbelt Wv, Lin FI, Sunderland JJ, Virtanen KA, Wahl RL.
Cell Metab (2016 Aug 9) 24:210-22. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

TGF-β receptor 1 regulates progenitors that promote browning of white fat.
Wankhade UD, Lee JH, Dagur PK, Yadav H, Shen M, Chen W, Kulkarni AB, McCoy JP, Finkel T, Cypess AM, Rane SG.
Mol Metab (2018 Oct) 16:160-171. Abstract/Full Text
Cold-Activated Lipid Dynamics in Adipose Tissue Highlights a Role for Cardiolipin in Thermogenic Metabolism.
Lynes MD, Shamsi F, Sustarsic EG, Leiria LO, Wang CH, Su SC, Huang TL, Gao F, Narain NR, Chen EY, Cypess AM, Schulz TJ, Gerhart-Hines Z, Kiebish MA, Tseng YH.
Cell Rep (2018 Jul 17) 24:781-790. Abstract/Full Text
PET Imaging of Human Brown Adipose Tissue with the TSPO Tracer [11C]PBR28.
Ran C, Albrecht DS, Bredella MA, Yang J, Yang J, Liang SH, Cypess AM, Loggia ML, Atassi N, Moore A.
Mol Imaging Biol (2018 Apr) 20:188-193. Abstract/Full Text
Impaired insulin signaling in unaffected siblings and patients with first-episode psychosis.
Chouinard VA, Henderson DC, Dalla Man C, Valeri L, Gray BE, Ryan KP, Cypess AM, Cobelli C, Cohen BM, Öngür D.
Mol Psychiatry (2018 Mar 9) Abstract/Full Text
NFIA co-localizes with PPARγ and transcriptionally controls the brown fat gene program.
Hiraike Y, Waki H, Yu J, Nakamura M, Miyake K, Nagano G, Nakaki R, Suzuki K, Kobayashi H, Yamamoto S, Sun W, Aoyama T, Hirota Y, Ohno H, Oki K, Yoneda M, White AP, Tseng YH, Cypess AM, Larsen TJ, Jespersen NZ, Scheele C, Tsutsumi S, Aburatani H, Yamauchi T, Kadowaki T.
Nat Cell Biol (2017 Sep) 19:1081-1092. Abstract/Full Text
Optical visualisation of thermogenesis in stimulated single-cell brown adipocytes.
Kriszt R, Arai S, Itoh H, Lee MH, Goralczyk AG, Ang XM, Cypess AM, White AP, Shamsi F, Xue R, Lee JY, Lee SC, Hou Y, Kitaguchi T, Sudhaharan T, Ishiwata S, Lane EB, Chang YT, Tseng YH, Suzuki M, Raghunath M.
Sci Rep (2017 May 3) 7:1383. Abstract/Full Text
The cold-induced lipokine 12,13-diHOME promotes fatty acid transport into brown adipose tissue.
Lynes MD, Leiria LO, Lundh M, Bartelt A, Shamsi F, Huang TL, Takahashi H, Hirshman MF, Schlein C, Lee A, Baer LA, May FJ, Gao F, Narain NR, Chen EY, Kiebish MA, Cypess AM, Blüher M, Goodyear LJ, Hotamisligil GS, Stanford KI, Tseng YH.
Nat Med (2017 May) 23:631-637. Abstract/Full Text
Automatic Segmentation and Quantification of White and Brown Adipose Tissues from PET/CT Scans.
Hussein S, Green A, Watane A, Reiter D, Chen X, Papadakis GZ, Wood B, Cypess A, Osman M, Bagci U.
IEEE Trans Med Imaging (2017 Mar) 36:734-744. Abstract/Full Text
Humans with Type-2 Diabetes Show Abnormal Long-Term Potentiation-Like Cortical Plasticity Associated with Verbal Learning Deficits.
Fried PJ, Schilberg L, Brem AK, Saxena S, Wong B, Cypess AM, Horton ES, Pascual-Leone A.
J Alzheimers Dis (2017) 55:89-100. Abstract/Full Text
Variable Cold-Induced Brown Adipose Tissue Response to Thyroid Hormone Status.
Gavrila A, Hasselgren PO, Glasgow A, Doyle AN, Lee AJ, Fox P, Gautam S, Hennessey JV, Kolodny GM, Cypess AM.
Thyroid (2017 Jan) 27:1-10. Abstract/Full Text
Connexin 43 Mediates White Adipose Tissue Beiging by Facilitating the Propagation of Sympathetic Neuronal Signals.
Zhu Y, Gao Y, Tao C, Shao M, Zhao S, Huang W, Yao T, Johnson JA, Liu T, Cypess AM, Gupta O, Holland WL, Gupta RK, Spray DC, Tanowitz HB, Cao L, Lynes MD, Tseng YH, Elmquist JK, Williams KW, Lin HV, Scherer PE.
Cell Metab (2016 Sep 13) 24:420-433. Abstract/Full Text
Correction: Effect of Chronic Athletic Activity on Brown Fat in Young Women.
Singhal V, Maffazioli GD, Ackerman KE, Lee H, Elia EF, Woolley R, Kolodny G, Cypess AM, Misra M.
PLoS One (2016) 11:e0160129. Abstract/Full Text
Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue: State of the Art.
Sampath SC, Sampath SC, Bredella MA, Cypess AM, Torriani M.
Radiology (2016 Jul) 280:4-19. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of Chronic Athletic Activity on Brown Fat in Young Women.
Singhal V, Maffazioli GD, Ackerman KE, Lee H, Elia EF, Woolley R, Kolodny G, Cypess AM, Misra M.
PLoS One (2016) 11:e0156353. Abstract/Full Text
Dysfunctional Subcutaneous Fat With Reduced Dicer and Brown Adipose Tissue Gene Expression in HIV-Infected Patients.
Torriani M, Srinivasa S, Fitch KV, Thomou T, Wong K, Petrow E, Kahn CR, Cypess AM, Grinspoon SK.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2016 Mar) 101:1225-34. Abstract/Full Text
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: A Novel Noninvasive, Nonionizing Method for the Detection of Brown Adipose Tissue in Humans.
Flynn A, Li Q, Panagia M, Abdelbaky A, MacNabb M, Samir A, Cypess AM, Weyman AE, Tawakol A, Scherrer-Crosbie M.
J Am Soc Echocardiogr (2015 Oct) 28:1247-54. Abstract/Full Text
MicroRNA-455 regulates brown adipogenesis via a novel HIF1an-AMPK-PGC1α signaling network.
Zhang H, Guan M, Townsend KL, Huang TL, An D, Yan X, Xue R, Schulz TJ, Winnay J, Mori M, Hirshman MF, Kristiansen K, Tsang JS, White AP, Cypess AM, Goodyear LJ, Tseng YH.
EMBO Rep (2015 Oct) 16:1378-93. Abstract/Full Text
Diet-induced obesity causes insulin resistance in mouse brown adipose tissue.
Roberts-Toler C, O'Neill BT, Cypess AM.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2015 Sep) 23:1765-70. Abstract/Full Text
Clonal analyses and gene profiling identify genetic biomarkers of the thermogenic potential of human brown and white preadipocytes.
Xue R, Lynes MD, Dreyfuss JM, Shamsi F, Schulz TJ, Zhang H, Huang TL, Townsend KL, Li Y, Takahashi H, Weiner LS, White AP, Lynes MS, Rubin LL, Goodyear LJ, Cypess AM, Tseng YH.
Nat Med (2015 Jul) 21:760-8. Abstract/Full Text
Effects of lifestyle modification and metformin on irisin and FGF21 among HIV-infected subjects with the metabolic syndrome.
Srinivasa S, Wong K, Fitch KV, Wei J, Petrow E, Cypess AM, Torriani M, Grinspoon SK.
Clin Endocrinol (Oxf) (2015 May) 82:678-85. Abstract/Full Text
Genetic and functional characterization of clonally derived adult human brown adipocytes.
Shinoda K, Luijten IH, Hasegawa Y, Hong H, Sonne SB, Kim M, Xue R, Chondronikola M, Cypess AM, Tseng YH, Nedergaard J, Sidossis LS, Kajimura S.
Nat Med (2015 Apr) 21:389-94. Abstract/Full Text
Activation of human brown adipose tissue by a β3-adrenergic receptor agonist.
Cypess AM, Weiner LS, Roberts-Toler C, Franquet Elía E, Kessler SH, Kahn PA, English J, Chatman K, Trauger SA, Doria A, Kolodny GM.
Cell Metab (2015 Jan 6) 21:33-8. Abstract/Full Text
Brown fat in humans: consensus points and experimental guidelines.
Cypess AM, Haft CR, Laughlin MR, Hu HH.
Cell Metab (2014 Sep 2) 20:408-15. Abstract/Full Text
Altered miRNA processing disrupts brown/white adipocyte determination and associates with lipodystrophy.
Mori MA, Thomou T, Boucher J, Lee KY, Lallukka S, Kim JK, Torriani M, Yki-Järvinen H, Grinspoon SK, Cypess AM, Kahn CR.
J Clin Invest (2014 Aug) 124:3339-51. Abstract/Full Text
ASC-1, PAT2, and P2RX5 are cell surface markers for white, beige, and brown adipocytes.
Ussar S, Lee KY, Dankel SN, Boucher J, Haering MF, Kleinridders A, Thomou T, Xue R, Macotela Y, Cypess AM, Tseng YH, Mellgren G, Kahn CR.
Sci Transl Med (2014 Jul 30) 6:247ra103. Abstract/Full Text
IRF4 is a key thermogenic transcriptional partner of PGC-1α.
Kong X, Banks A, Liu T, Kazak L, Rao RR, Cohen P, Wang X, Yu S, Lo JC, Tseng YH, Cypess AM, Xue R, Kleiner S, Kang S, Spiegelman BM, Rosen ED.
Cell (2014 Jul 3) 158:69-83. Abstract/Full Text
The prevalence and predictors of active brown adipose tissue in Chinese adults.
Zhang Z, Cypess AM, Miao Q, Ye H, Liew CW, Zhang Q, Xue R, Zhang S, Zuo C, Xu Z, Tang Q, Hu R, Guan Y, Li Y.
Eur J Endocrinol (2014 Mar) 170:359-66. Abstract/Full Text
Quantification of human and rodent brown adipose tissue function using 99mTc-methoxyisobutylisonitrile SPECT/CT and 18F-FDG PET/CT.
Cypess AM, Doyle AN, Sass CA, Huang TL, Mowschenson PM, Rosen HN, Tseng YH, Palmer EL 3rd, Kolodny GM.
J Nucl Med (2013 Nov) 54:1896-901. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of human brown adipose tissue volume and activity using anatomic MR imaging and functional MR imaging.
Chen YC, Cypess AM, Chen YC, Palmer M, Kolodny G, Kahn CR, Kwong KK.
J Nucl Med (2013 Sep) 54:1584-7. Abstract/Full Text
Anatomical localization, gene expression profiling and functional characterization of adult human neck brown fat.
Cypess AM, White AP, Vernochet C, Schulz TJ, Xue R, Sass CA, Huang TL, Roberts-Toler C, Weiner LS, Sze C, Chacko AT, Deschamps LN, Herder LM, Truchan N, Glasgow AL, Holman AR, Gavrila A, Hasselgren PO, Mori MA, Molla M, Tseng YH.
Nat Med (2013 May) 19:635-9. Abstract/Full Text
Brown-fat paucity due to impaired BMP signalling induces compensatory browning of white fat.
Schulz TJ, Huang P, Huang TL, Xue R, McDougall LE, Townsend KL, Cypess AM, Mishina Y, Gussoni E, Tseng YH.
Nature (2013 Mar 21) 495:379-83. Abstract/Full Text
Increased FDG uptake in association with reduced extremity fat in HIV patients.
Torriani M, Zanni MV, Fitch K, Stavrou E, Bredella MA, Lim R, Cypess AM, Grinspoon S.
Antivir Ther (2013) 18:243-8. Abstract/Full Text
Anatomical and functional assessment of brown adipose tissue by magnetic resonance imaging.
Chen YI, Cypess AM, Sass CA, Brownell AL, Jokivarsi KT, Kahn CR, Kwong KK.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2012 Jul) 20:1519-26. Abstract/Full Text
Cold but not sympathomimetics activates human brown adipose tissue in vivo.
Cypess AM, Chen YC, Sze C, Wang K, English J, Chan O, Holman AR, Tal I, Palmer MR, Kolodny GM, Kahn CR.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2012 Jun 19) 109:10001-5. Abstract/Full Text
Deiodinase 2 expression is increased in dorsocervical fat of patients with HIV-associated lipohypertrophy syndrome.
Torriani M, Fitch K, Stavrou E, Bredella MA, Lim R, Sass CA, Cypess AM, Grinspoon S.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2012 Apr) 97:E602-7. Abstract/Full Text
Pediatric brown adipose tissue: detection, epidemiology, and differences from adults.
Drubach LA, Palmer EL 3rd, Connolly LP, Baker A, Zurakowski D, Cypess AM.
J Pediatr (2011 Dec) 159:939-44. Abstract/Full Text
Insulin/IGF-I regulation of necdin and brown adipocyte differentiation via CREB- and FoxO1-associated pathways.
Cypess AM, Zhang H, Schulz TJ, Huang TL, Espinoza DO, Kristiansen K, Unterman TG, Tseng YH.
Endocrinology (2011 Oct) 152:3680-9. Abstract/Full Text
A new connection between muscle and brown fat.
Cypess AM.
J Pediatr (2011 May) 158:696-8. Abstract/Full Text
Cellular bioenergetics as a target for obesity therapy.
Tseng YH, Cypess AM, Kahn CR.
Nat Rev Drug Discov (2010 Jun) 9:465-82. Abstract/Full Text
Uncommon presentations of some common malignancies: Case 1. Sequential paraneoplastic endocrine syndromes in small-cell lung cancer.
Mayer S, Cypess AM, Kocher ON, Berman SM, Huberman MS, Hartzband PI, Halmos B.
J Clin Oncol (2005 Feb 20) 23:1312-4. Abstract/Full Text
Modulation of glucagon receptor expression and response in transfected human embryonic kidney cells.
Ikegami T, Cypess AM, Bouscarel B.
Am J Physiol Cell Physiol (2001 Oct) 281:C1396-402. Abstract/Full Text
Glucagon receptor activates extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase 1/2 via cAMP-dependent protein kinase.
Jiang Y, Cypess AM, Muse ED, Wu CR, Unson CG, Merrifield RB, Sakmar TP.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2001 Aug 28) 98:10102-7. Abstract/Full Text
Selective reconstitution of human D4 dopamine receptor variants with Gi alpha subtypes.
Kazmi MA, Snyder LA, Cypess AM, Graber SG, Sakmar TP.
Biochemistry (2000 Apr 4) 39:3734-44. Abstract/Full Text
Antibodies against specific extracellular epitopes of the glucagon receptor block glucagon binding.
Unson CG, Cypess AM, Wu CR, Goldsmith PK, Merrifield RB, Sakmar TP.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (1996 Jan 9) 93:310-5. Abstract/Full Text
Characterization of mutant rhodopsins responsible for autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa. Mutations on the cytoplasmic surface affect transducin activation.
Min KC, Zvyaga TA, Cypess AM, Sakmar TP.
J Biol Chem (1993 May 5) 268:9400-4. Abstract/Full Text