Kevin F. O'Connell, Ph.D.
Kevin O'Connell.
Scientific Focus Areas: Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics and Genomics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


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The chromatin remodeling protein CHD-1 and the EFL-1/DPL-1 transcription factor cooperatively down regulate CDK-2 to control SAS-6 levels and centriole number.
Iyer J, Gentry LK, Bergwell M, Smith A, Guagliardo S, Kropp PA, Sankaralingam P, Liu Y, Spooner E, Bowerman B, O'Connell KF.
PLoS Genet (2022 Apr) 18:e1009799. Abstract/Full Text
Centrosomes: An acentriolar MTOC at the ciliary base.
O'Connell KF.
Curr Biol (2021 Jun 7) 31:R730-R733. Abstract/Full Text
Revisiting Centrioles in Nematodes-Historic Findings and Current Topics.
Schwarz A, Sankaralingam P, O'Connell KF, Müller-Reichert T.
Cells (2018 Aug 8) 7. Abstract/Full Text
CDK-11-Cyclin L is required for gametogenesis and fertility in C. elegans.
Williams CW, Iyer J, Liu Y, O'Connell KF.
Dev Biol (2018 Sep 1) 441:52-66. Abstract/Full Text
Protein Phosphatase 1 Down Regulates ZYG-1 Levels to Limit Centriole Duplication.
Peel N, Iyer J, Naik A, Dougherty MP, Decker M, O'Connell KF.
PLoS Genet (2017 Jan) 13:e1006543. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Cryopreservation of C. elegans and Other Nematodes with Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Trehalose.
O'Connell KF.
Methods Mol Biol (2022) 2468:43-49. Abstract/Full Text
The C. elegans F-box proteins LIN-23 and SEL-10 antagonize centrosome duplication by regulating ZYG-1 levels.
Peel N, Dougherty M, Goeres J, Liu Y, O'Connell KF.
J Cell Sci (2012 Aug 1) 125:3535-44. Abstract/Full Text
Time-lapse microscopy of early embryogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Boyd L, Hajjar C, O'Connell K.
J Vis Exp (2011 Aug 25) Abstract/Full Text
Limiting amounts of centrosome material set centrosome size in C. elegans embryos.
Decker M, Jaensch S, Pozniakovsky A, Zinke A, O'Connell KF, Zachariae W, Myers E, Hyman AA.
Curr Biol (2011 Aug 9) 21:1259-67. Abstract/Full Text
Protein phosphatase 2A-SUR-6/B55 regulates centriole duplication in C. elegans by controlling the levels of centriole assembly factors.
Song MH, Liu Y, Anderson DE, Jahng WJ, O'Connell KF.
Dev Cell (2011 Apr 19) 20:563-71. Abstract/Full Text
Control of mitotic and meiotic centriole duplication by the Plk4-related kinase ZYG-1.
Peters N, Perez DE, Song MH, Liu Y, Müller-Reichert T, Caron C, Kemphues KJ, O'Connell KF.
J Cell Sci (2010 Mar 1) 123:795-805. Abstract/Full Text
CGEF-1 and CHIN-1 regulate CDC-42 activity during asymmetric division in the Caenorhabditis elegans embryo.
Kumfer KT, Cook SJ, Squirrell JM, Eliceiri KW, Peel N, O'Connell KF, White JG.
Mol Biol Cell (2010 Jan 15) 21:266-77. Abstract/Full Text
Centrioles: some self-assembly required.
Song MH, Miliaras NB, Peel N, O'Connell KF.
Curr Opin Cell Biol (2008 Dec) 20:688-93. Abstract/Full Text
The conserved protein SZY-20 opposes the Plk4-related kinase ZYG-1 to limit centrosome size.
Song MH, Aravind L, Müller-Reichert T, O'Connell KF.
Dev Cell (2008 Dec) 15:901-12. Abstract/Full Text
Suppressors of zyg-1 define regulators of centrosome duplication and nuclear association in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Kemp CA, Song MH, Addepalli MK, Hunter G, O'Connell K.
Genetics (2007 May) 176:95-113. Abstract/Full Text
Silence is golden: combining RNAi and live cell imaging to study cell cycle regulatory genes during Caenorhabditis elegans development.
Golden A, O'Connell KF.
Methods (2007 Feb) 41:190-7. Abstract/Full Text
There's no place like WormBase: an indispensable resource for Caenorhabditis elegans researchers.
O'Connell K.
Biol Cell (2005 Nov) 97:867-72. Abstract/Full Text
Centrosome maturation and duplication in C. elegans require the coiled-coil protein SPD-2.
Kemp CA, Kopish KR, Zipperlen P, Ahringer J, O'Connell KF.
Dev Cell (2004 Apr) 6:511-23. Abstract/Full Text
The ZYG-1 kinase, a mitotic and meiotic regulator of centriole replication.
O'Connell KF.
Oncogene (2002 Sep 9) 21:6201-8. Abstract/Full Text
The C. elegans zyg-1 gene encodes a regulator of centrosome duplication with distinct maternal and paternal roles in the embryo.
O'Connell KF, Caron C, Kopish KR, Hurd DD, Kemphues KJ, Li Y, White JG.
Cell (2001 May 18) 105:547-58. Abstract/Full Text
The spd-2 gene is required for polarization of the anteroposterior axis and formation of the sperm asters in the Caenorhabditis elegans zygote.
O'Connell KF, Maxwell KN, White JG.
Dev Biol (2000 Jun 1) 222:55-70. Abstract/Full Text
The centrosome of the early C. elegans embryo: inheritance, assembly, replication, and developmental roles.
O'Connell KF.
Curr Top Dev Biol (2000) 49:365-84. Abstract/Full Text
A genetic screen for temperature-sensitive cell-division mutants of Caenorhabditis elegans.
O'Connell KF, Leys CM, White JG.
Genetics (1998 Jul) 149:1303-21. Abstract/Full Text
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