Genetics of Organelle Biogenesis Section

of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Genetics

Studying the assembly of centrosomes and centrioles.

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Revisiting Centrioles in Nematodes-Historic Findings and Current Topics.
Schwarz A, Sankaralingam P, O'Connell KF, Müller-Reichert T.
Cells (2018 Aug 8) 7. Abstract/Full Text
Protein Phosphatase 1 Down Regulates ZYG-1 Levels to Limit Centriole Duplication.
Peel N, Iyer J, Naik A, Dougherty MP, Decker M, O'Connell KF.
PLoS Genet (2017 Jan) 13:e1006543. Abstract/Full Text
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