Alan Neil Schechter, M.D.
Alan Schechter.
Scientific Focus Areas: Chemical Biology, Clinical Research, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Pharmacology, Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics


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Select Publications

Time course of human skeletal muscle nitrate and nitrite concentration changes following dietary nitrate ingestion.
Kadach S, Piknova B, Black MI, Park JW, Wylie LJ, Stoyanov Z, Thomas SM, McMahon NF, Vanhatalo A, Schechter AN, Jones AM.
Nitric Oxide (2022 Apr 1) 121:1-10. Abstract/Full Text
Potential roles of nitrate and nitrite in nitric oxide metabolism in the eye.
Park JW, Piknova B, Jenkins A, Hellinga D, Parver LM, Schechter AN.
Sci Rep (2020 Aug 5) 10:13166. Abstract/Full Text
Nitrate uptake and metabolism in human skeletal muscle cell cultures.
Srihirun S, Park JW, Teng R, Sawaengdee W, Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2020 Jan 1) 94:1-8. Abstract/Full Text
Human skeletal muscle nitrate store: influence of dietary nitrate supplementation and exercise.
Wylie LJ, Park JW, Vanhatalo A, Kadach S, Black MI, Stoyanov Z, Schechter AN, Jones AM, Piknova B.
J Physiol (2019 Dec) 597:5565-5576. Abstract/Full Text
Skeletal muscle as an endogenous nitrate reservoir.
Piknova B, Park JW, Swanson KM, Dey S, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2015 May 1) 47:10-16. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

Phosphorylated vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (P-VASPSer239) in platelets is increased by nitrite and partially deoxygenated erythrocytes.
Srihirun S, Piknova B, Sibmooh N, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2018) 13:e0193747. Abstract/Full Text
Central sensitization associated with low fetal hemoglobin levels in adults with sickle cell anemia.
Darbari DS, Vaughan KJ, Roskom K, Seamon C, Diaw L, Quinn M, Conrey A, Schechter AN, Haythornthwaite JA, Waclawiw MA, Wallen GR, Belfer I, Taylor JG 6th.
Scand J Pain (2017 Oct) 17:279-286. Abstract/Full Text
Platelet inhibition and increased phosphorylated vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein following sodium nitrite inhalation.
Parakaw T, Suknuntha K, Vivithanaporn P, Schlagenhauf A, Topanurak S, Fucharoen S, Pattanapanyasat K, Schechter A, Sibmooh N, Srihirun S.
Nitric Oxide (2017 Jun 1) 66:10-16. Abstract/Full Text
Angiogenic factors are increased in circulating granulocytes and CD34(+) cells of myeloproliferative neoplasms.
Subotički T, Mitrović Ajtić O, Beleslin-Čokić BB, Nienhold R, Diklić M, Djikić D, Leković D, Bulat T, Marković D, Gotić M, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN, Skoda RC, Čokić VP.
Mol Carcinog (2017 Feb) 56:567-579. Abstract/Full Text
Acid Test for Nitrite Pharmacology.
Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Hypertension (2017 Jan) 69:13-14. Abstract/Full Text
Tempol improves xanthine oxidoreductase-mediated vascular responses to nitrite in experimental renovascular hypertension.
Oliveira-Paula GH, Pinheiro LC, Guimaraes DA, Tella SO, Blanco AL, Angelis CD, Schechter AN, Tanus-Santos JE.
Redox Biol (2016 Aug) 8:398-406. Abstract/Full Text
Dietary Nitrate and the Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease: Report From a National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Workshop.
Ahluwalia A, Gladwin M, Coleman GD, Hord N, Howard G, Kim-Shapiro DB, Lajous M, Larsen FJ, Lefer DJ, McClure LA, Nolan BT, Pluta R, Schechter A, Wang CY, Ward MH, Harman JL.
J Am Heart Assoc (2016 Jul 6) 5. Abstract/Full Text
Construction of effective disposable biosensors for point of care testing of nitrite.
Monteiro T, Rodrigues PR, Gonçalves AL, Moura JJ, Jubete E, Añorga L, Piknova B, Schechter AN, Silveira CM, Almeida MG.
Talanta (2015 Sep 1) 142:246-51. Abstract/Full Text
Microarray and Proteomic Analyses of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms with a Highlight on the mTOR Signaling Pathway.
Čokić VP, Mossuz P, Han J, Socoro N, Beleslin-Čokić BB, Mitrović O, Subotički T, Diklić M, Leković D, Gotić M, Puri RK, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2015) 10:e0135463. Abstract/Full Text
Correction: Nitrate Reduction to Nitrite, Nitric Oxide and Ammonia by Gut Bacteria under Physiological Conditions.
Tiso M, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2015) 10:e0127490. Abstract/Full Text
General Introduction.
Schechter AN.
Perspect Biol Med (2015 Spring) 58:139-40. Abstract/Full Text
Nitrate reduction to nitrite, nitric oxide and ammonia by gut bacteria under physiological conditions.
Tiso M, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2015) 10:e0119712. Abstract/Full Text
Inhibitory effect of nitrite on coagulation processes demonstrated by thrombelastography.
Park JW, Piknova B, Nghiem K, Lozier JN, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2014 Aug 31) 40:45-51. Abstract/Full Text
A flow cytometric analysis of the inhibition of platelet reactivity due to nitrite reduction by deoxygenated erythrocytes.
Akrawinthawong K, Park JW, Piknova B, Sibmooh N, Fucharoen S, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2014) 9:e92435. Abstract/Full Text
Introduction to the symposium on recurrent debates on the causal role of genes.
Schechter AN.
Perspect Biol Med (2014 Winter) 57:1-3. Abstract/Full Text
In vivo reduction of cell-free methemoglobin to oxyhemoglobin results in vasoconstriction in canines.
Wang D, Piknova B, Solomon SB, Cortes-Puch I, Kern SJ, Sun J, Kanias T, Gladwin MT, Helms C, Kim-Shapiro DB, Schechter AN, Natanson C.
Transfusion (2013 Dec) 53:3149-63. Abstract/Full Text
Increased reticulocytosis during infancy is associated with increased hospitalizations in sickle cell anemia patients during the first three years of life.
Meier ER, Byrnes C, Lee YT, Wright EC, Schechter AN, Luban NL, Miller JL.
PLoS One (2013) 8:e70794. Abstract/Full Text
Comments on 'vascular effects of dietary nitrate (as found in green leafy vegetables and beetroot) via the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway'.
Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Br J Clin Pharmacol (2013 Jun) 75:1541-2. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of storage on levels of nitric oxide metabolites in platelet preparations.
Park JW, Piknova B, Kurtz J, Seetharaman S, Wagner SJ, Schechter AN.
Transfusion (2013 Mar) 53:637-44. Abstract/Full Text
Globin gene expression in correlation with G protein-related genes during erythroid differentiation.
Čokić VP, Smith RD, Biancotto A, Noguchi CT, Puri RK, Schechter AN.
BMC Genomics (2013 Feb 20) 14:116. Abstract/Full Text
In reply.
Park JW, Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Transfusion (2013 Jan) 53:235. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of blood nitrite and nitrate levels on murine platelet function.
Park JW, Piknova B, Huang PL, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
PLoS One (2013) 8:e55699. Abstract/Full Text
JAK-STAT and AKT pathway-coupled genes in erythroid progenitor cells through ontogeny.
Cokic VP, Bhattacharya B, Beleslin-Cokic BB, Noguchi CT, Puri RK, Schechter AN.
J Transl Med (2012 Jun 7) 10:116. Abstract/Full Text
Inorganic nitrate: a major player in the cardiovascular health benefits of vegetables?
Machha A, Schechter AN.
Nutr Rev (2012 Jun) 70:367-72. Abstract/Full Text
Platelet inhibition by nitrite is dependent on erythrocytes and deoxygenation.
Srihirun S, Sriwantana T, Unchern S, Kittikool D, Noulsri E, Pattanapanyasat K, Fucharoen S, Piknova B, Schechter AN, Sibmooh N.
PLoS One (2012) 7:e30380. Abstract/Full Text
Introduction to the symposium on synthetic life.
Schechter AN.
Perspect Biol Med (2012) 55:467-9. Abstract/Full Text
The role of nitrite in neurovascular coupling.
Piknova B, Kocharyan A, Schechter AN, Silva AC.
Brain Res (2011 Aug 17) 1407:62-8. Abstract/Full Text
Dietary nitrite and nitrate: a review of potential mechanisms of cardiovascular benefits.
Machha A, Schechter AN.
Eur J Nutr (2011 Aug) 50:293-303. Abstract/Full Text
Erythropoietin and hypoxia increase erythropoietin receptor and nitric oxide levels in lung microvascular endothelial cells.
Beleslin-Čokić BB, Cokić VP, Wang L, Piknova B, Teng R, Schechter AN, Noguchi CT.
Cytokine (2011 May) 54:129-35. Abstract/Full Text
Acute erythropoietin cardioprotection is mediated by endothelial response.
Teng R, Calvert JW, Sibmooh N, Piknova B, Suzuki N, Sun J, Martinez K, Yamamoto M, Schechter AN, Lefer DJ, Noguchi CT.
Basic Res Cardiol (2011 May) 106:343-54. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of nitrite in blood samples using the ferricyanide-based hemoglobin oxidation assay.
Piknova B, Schechter AN.
Methods Mol Biol (2011) 704:39-56. Abstract/Full Text
Translational medicine--doing it backwards.
Nussenblatt RB, Marincola FM, Schechter AN.
J Transl Med (2010 Feb 8) 8:12. Abstract/Full Text
Stimulated stromal cells induce gamma-globin gene expression in erythroid cells via nitric oxide production.
Cokić VP, Beleslin-Cokić BB, Smith RD, Economou AP, Wahl LM, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
Exp Hematol (2009 Oct) 37:1230-7. Abstract/Full Text
Evidence-based medicine again.
Schechter AN, Perlman RL.
Perspect Biol Med (2009 Spring) 52:161-3. Abstract/Full Text
The reaction of cell-free oxyhemoglobin with nitrite under physiologically relevant conditions: Implications for nitrite-based therapies.
Piknova B, Keszler A, Hogg N, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2009 Mar) 20:88-94. Abstract/Full Text
Hemoglobin research and the origins of molecular medicine.
Schechter AN.
Blood (2008 Nov 15) 112:3927-38. Abstract/Full Text
The reaction between nitrite and oxyhemoglobin: a mechanistic study.
Keszler A, Piknova B, Schechter AN, Hogg N.
J Biol Chem (2008 Apr 11) 283:9615-22. Abstract/Full Text
Oxidation of iron-nitrosyl-hemoglobin by dehydroascorbic acid releases nitric oxide to form nitrite in human erythrocytes.
Sibmooh N, Piknova B, Rizzatti F, Schechter AN.
Biochemistry (2008 Mar 4) 47:2989-96. Abstract/Full Text
Nitric oxide from nitrite reduction by hemoglobin in the plasma and erythrocytes.
Chen K, Piknova B, Pittman RN, Schechter AN, Popel AS.
Nitric Oxide (2008 Feb) 18:47-60. Abstract/Full Text
Hydroxyurea nitrosylates and activates soluble guanylyl cyclase in human erythroid cells.
Cokic VP, Andric SA, Stojilkovic SS, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
Blood (2008 Feb 1) 111:1117-23. Abstract/Full Text
Effects of nitric oxide on red blood cell development and phenotype.
Cokić VP, Schechter AN.
Curr Top Dev Biol (2008) 82:169-215. Abstract/Full Text
Nitrite infusion in humans and nonhuman primates: endocrine effects, pharmacokinetics, and tolerance formation.
Dejam A, Hunter CJ, Tremonti C, Pluta RM, Hon YY, Grimes G, Partovi K, Pelletier MM, Oldfield EH, Cannon RO 3rd, Schechter AN, Gladwin MT.
Circulation (2007 Oct 16) 116:1821-31. Abstract/Full Text
Randomization in clinical trials of titrated therapies: unintended consequences of using fixed treatment protocols.
Deans KJ, Minneci PC, Suffredini AF, Danner RL, Hoffman WD, Ciu X, Klein HG, Schechter AN, Banks SM, Eichacker PQ, Natanson C.
Crit Care Med (2007 Jun) 35:1509-16. Abstract/Full Text
Hydroxyurea increases eNOS protein levels through inhibition of proteasome activity.
Cokic VP, Beleslin-Cokic BB, Noguchi CT, Schechter AN.
Nitric Oxide (2007 May) 16:371-8. Abstract/Full Text
Hypoxia, red blood cells, and nitrite regulate NO-dependent hypoxic vasodilation.
Crawford JH, Isbell TS, Huang Z, Shiva S, Chacko BK, Schechter AN, Darley-Usmar VM, Kerby JD, Lang JD Jr, Kraus D, Ho C, Gladwin MT, Patel RP.
Blood (2006 Jan 15) 107:566-74. Abstract/Full Text
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