Charles D. Schwieters, Ph.D.
Photo of Charles Schwieters.
Scientific Focus Areas: Structural Biology, Biomedical Engineering and Biophysics


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Theory and practice of using solvent paramagnetic relaxation enhancement to characterize protein conformational dynamics.
Gong Z, Schwieters CD, Tang C.
Methods (2018 Sep 15) 148:48-56. Abstract/Full Text
Interaction of Huntingtin Exon-1 Peptides with Lipid-Based Micellar Nanoparticles Probed by Solution NMR and Q-Band Pulsed EPR.
Ceccon A, Schmidt T, Tugarinov V, Kotler SA, Schwieters CD, Clore GM.
J Am Chem Soc (2018 May 23) 140:6199-6202. Abstract/Full Text
Xplor-NIH for molecular structure determination from NMR and other data sources.
Schwieters CD, Bermejo GA, Clore GM.
Protein Sci (2018 Jan) 27:26-40. Abstract/Full Text
Last Reviewed August 2023