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Lisa M. Spain, Ph.D.

Photo of Lisa Spain.
Disease-modifying clinical trials in type 1 diabetes, etiology and pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes

Responsibilities & Activities

Program Director for the Immunobiology of Type 1 Diabetes and Autoimmune Endocrine Diseases Program. I advise research project grant applicants, and manage awards.

First Contact Program Director for K01, K08, K12, K23, K25, and K12 mentored investigator applications for the division; I advise career development grant applicants, and help manage awards.

Project Scientist for Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet—an international consortium for clinical trials of disease-modifying agents for the treatment/prevention of type 1 diabetes. Serve as NIDDK voting member of Steering Committee and on the Executive Committee.

Project Scientist for the Bringing Resources to Increase Diversity, Growth, Equity, and Scholarship for Obesity, Nutrition, and Diabetes Research (BRIDGES) Consortium. Serve on Executive Committees and a resource for Scholars and Faculty.

Research Programs

Clinical Research in Type 1 Diabetes
Determinants, etiology, progression, prevention, and treatment of type 1 diabetes in children and adults.

Diabetes, Endocrine, & Metabolic Disease Translational Research
Studies that translate scientific findings into practice to enhance human health of those with, or at risk for, metabolic disease.

Committees & Working Groups

  • Autoimmune Disease Coordinating Committee, Office of Autoimmune Disease Research / Office of Research on Women’s Health, NIDDK Representative for Strategic Plan
  • DEM/NIDDK Basic Science (BASIC), Clinical Sciences (CARE), and Careers (GARDEN)  Working Groups
  • NIDDK Training Program Directors Committee
  • NIH Training Advisory Committee Alternate, NIDDK
  • NIH Program Leadership Committee, Alternate, NIDDK
Last Reviewed March 2024