Kent Thurber, Ph.D.


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Structure of Amyloid Peptide Ribbons Characterized by Electron Microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, and Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
Thurber KR, Yau WM, Tycko R.
J Phys Chem B (2024 Feb 22) 128:1711-1723. Abstract/Full Text
Time-resolved solid state NMR of biomolecular processes with millisecond time resolution.
Jeon J, Blake Wilson C, Yau WM, Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2022 Sep) 342:107285. Abstract/Full Text
Automated picking of amyloid fibrils from cryo-EM images for helical reconstruction with RELION.
Thurber KR, Yin Y, Tycko R.
J Struct Biol (2021 Jun) 213:107736. Abstract/Full Text
Molecular structure of a prevalent amyloid-β fibril polymorph from Alzheimer's disease brain tissue.
Ghosh U, Thurber KR, Yau WM, Tycko R.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2021 Jan 26) 118. Abstract/Full Text
Molecular structure and interactions within amyloid-like fibrils formed by a low-complexity protein sequence from FUS.
Lee M, Ghosh U, Thurber KR, Kato M, Tycko R.
Nat Commun (2020 Nov 12) 11:5735. Abstract/Full Text
Application of millisecond time-resolved solid state NMR to the kinetics and mechanism of melittin self-assembly.
Jeon J, Thurber KR, Ghirlando R, Yau WM, Tycko R.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2019 Aug 20) 116:16717-16722. Abstract/Full Text
Verdazyl-ribose: A new radical for solid-state dynamic nuclear polarization at high magnetic field.
Thurber KR, Le TN, Changcoco V, Brook DJR.
J Magn Reson (2018 Apr) 289:122-131. Abstract/Full Text
Structure of FUS Protein Fibrils and Its Relevance to Self-Assembly and Phase Separation of Low-Complexity Domains.
Murray DT, Kato M, Lin Y, Thurber KR, Hung I, McKnight SL, Tycko R.
Cell (2017 Oct 19) 171:615-627.e16. Abstract/Full Text
Low-temperature dynamic nuclear polarization with helium-cooled samples and nitrogen-driven magic-angle spinning.
Thurber K, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2016 Mar) 264:99-106. Abstract/Full Text
Successive Stages of Amyloid-β Self-Assembly Characterized by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization.
Potapov A, Yau WM, Ghirlando R, Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Am Chem Soc (2015 Jul 1) 137:8294-307. Abstract/Full Text
Synthesis and evaluation of nitroxide-based oligoradicals for low-temperature dynamic nuclear polarization in solid state NMR.
Yau WM, Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2014 Jul) 244:98-106. Abstract/Full Text
Perturbation of nuclear spin polarizations in solid state NMR of nitroxide-doped samples by magic-angle spinning without microwaves.
Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Chem Phys (2014 May 14) 140:184201. Abstract/Full Text
Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance with magic-angle spinning and dynamic nuclear polarization below 25 K.
Thurber KR, Potapov A, Yau WM, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2013 Jan) 226:100-6. Abstract/Full Text
Theory for cross effect dynamic nuclear polarization under magic-angle spinning in solid state nuclear magnetic resonance: the importance of level crossings.
Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Chem Phys (2012 Aug 28) 137:084508. Abstract/Full Text
Dynamic nuclear polarization-enhanced ¹H-¹³C double resonance NMR in static samples below 20 K.
Potapov A, Thurber KR, Yau WM, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2012 Aug) 221:32-40. Abstract/Full Text
Molecular-level examination of Cu2+ binding structure for amyloid fibrils of 40-residue Alzheimer's β by solid-state NMR spectroscopy.
Parthasarathy S, Long F, Miller Y, Xiao Y, McElheny D, Thurber K, Ma B, Nussinov R, Ishii Y.
J Am Chem Soc (2011 Mar 16) 133:3390-400. Abstract/Full Text
Prospects for sub-micron solid state nuclear magnetic resonance imaging with low-temperature dynamic nuclear polarization.
Thurber KR, Tycko R.
Phys Chem Chem Phys (2010 Jun 14) 12:5779-85. Abstract/Full Text
Low-temperature dynamic nuclear polarization at 9.4 T with a 30 mW microwave source.
Thurber KR, Yau WM, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2010 Jun) 204:303-13. Abstract/Full Text
The functional curli amyloid is not based on in-register parallel beta-sheet structure.
Shewmaker F, McGlinchey RP, Thurber KR, McPhie P, Dyda F, Tycko R, Wickner RB.
J Biol Chem (2009 Sep 11) 284:25065-76. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of amyloid fibril mass-per-length by tilted-beam transmission electron microscopy.
Chen B, Thurber KR, Shewmaker F, Wickner RB, Tycko R.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2009 Aug 25) 106:14339-44. Abstract/Full Text
The repeat domain of the melanosome fibril protein Pmel17 forms the amyloid core promoting melanin synthesis.
McGlinchey RP, Shewmaker F, McPhie P, Monterroso B, Thurber K, Wickner RB.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2009 Aug 18) 106:13731-6. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of sample temperatures under magic-angle spinning from the chemical shift and spin-lattice relaxation rate of 79Br in KBr powder.
Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2009 Jan) 196:84-7. Abstract/Full Text
Biomolecular solid state NMR with magic-angle spinning at 25K.
Thurber KR, Tycko R.
J Magn Reson (2008 Dec) 195:179-86. Abstract/Full Text
Increasing 14N NQR signal by 1H-14N level crossing with small magnetic fields.
Thurber KR, Sauer KL, Buess ML, Klug CA, Miller JB.
J Magn Reson (2005 Nov) 177:118-28. Abstract/Full Text
170 nm nuclear magnetic resonance imaging using magnetic resonance force microscopy.
Thurber KR, Harrell LE, Smith DD.
J Magn Reson (2003 Jun) 162:336-40. Abstract/Full Text
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