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Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Biomolecular Section

of the Laboratory of Chemical Physics

Expanding the capabilities of experimental techniques for probing structural and physical properties of molecules with central roles in biology and human disease.

Select Publications

Application of millisecond time-resolved solid state NMR to the kinetics and mechanism of melittin self-assembly.
Jeon J, Thurber KR, Ghirlando R, Yau WM, Tycko R.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2019 Aug 20) 116:16717-16722. Abstract/Full Text
Structure of FUS Protein Fibrils and Its Relevance to Self-Assembly and Phase Separation of Low-Complexity Domains.
Murray DT, Kato M, Lin Y, Thurber KR, Hung I, McKnight SL, Tycko R.
Cell (2017 Oct 19) 171:615-627.e16. Abstract/Full Text
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Lab Members

From top left: Hsueh-Ying Chen, Ph.D., Robert Tycko, Ph.D., Jaekyun Jeon, Ph.D., Wai-Ming Yau, Ph.D., Blake Wilson, Ph.D., Myungwoon Lee, Ph.D., Kent Thurber, Ph.D., Masato Kato, Ph.D.
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