Lee S. Weinstein, M.D.
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Scientific Focus Areas: Clinical Research, Genetics and Genomics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Molecular Pharmacology, Neuroscience

Clinical Trials

Open studies conducted by NIDDK Principal Investigators appear below. Study statuses may include the following:

  • Open: Recruiting - Currently recruiting participants and open to everyone who meets eligibility criteria.
  • Open: Active, Not Recruiting - Participants are receiving an intervention or being examined, however new participants are not being recruited or enrolled.
  • Open: Enrolling by Invitation - People in a particular population were selected in advance and invited to participate. The study is not open to everyone who meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Open: Available for Expanded Access - Patients who are not participants in the clinical study may be able to gain access to the drug, biologic, or medical device being studied.

Studies Seeking Patients

Studies of States With Resistance to Vitamin D and Parathyroid Hormone

Patients with confirmed or suspected states with resistance to vitamin D or parathyroid hormone (PTH) will be admitted for diagnosis, treatment review with suggestions for modifications to the current or new treatment and for inclusion in other protocols. These states include hypocalcemia, rickets, osteomalacia, pseudohypoparathyroidism. Resistance to a factor is manifested by deficient bioeffect despite high levels of the factor in blood. Patients will be tested with multiple indices of mineral metabolism to establish the diagnosis and examine the spectrum of the underlying disorder. The principal therapies will be combinations of calcium, phosphate, and a vitamin D analog. Selected patients will have localization and surgery to remove a tumor that causes renal wasting of phosphate. Patients will also be considered for entry into other research protocols.

The trial is Open with a status of Recruiting.

Investigator: Lee S Weinstein, M.D.

Referral Contacts: (301) 402-1880

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