Jinfa Ying, Ph.D.


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Quantitative evaluation of positive ϕ angle propensity in flexible regions of proteins from three-bond J couplings.
Lee JH, Ying J, Bax A.
Phys Chem Chem Phys (2016 Feb 17) 18:5759-70. Abstract/Full Text
Psychometric analysis of the Short-Form Chinese Health and Safety Executive's Management Standards Indicator Tool among nurses in Taiwan.
Kao CC, Wang RH, Ying JC, Lin YH, Chang FY, Chen KY.
J Health Psychol (2015 Dec) 20:1497-508. Abstract/Full Text
High accuracy of Karplus equations for relating three-bond J couplings to protein backbone torsion angles.
Li F, Lee JH, Grishaev A, Ying J, Bax A.
Chemphyschem (2015 Feb 23) 16:572-8. Abstract/Full Text
Analysis of imprinted gene expression and implantation in haploid androgenetic mouse embryos.
Hu M, Zhao Z, TuanMu LC, Wei H, Gao F, Li L, Ying J, Zhang S.
Andrologia (2015 Feb) 47:102-8. Abstract/Full Text
Breast cancer recurrence after nipple-sparing mastectomy: one institution's experience.
Poruk KE, Ying J, Chidester JR, Olson JR, Matsen CB, Neumayer L, Agarwal J.
Am J Surg (2015 Jan) 209:212-7. Abstract/Full Text
Untreated head and neck surgical disease in Sierra Leone: a cross-sectional, countrywide survey.
Van Buren NC, Groen RS, Kushner AL, Samai M, Kamara TB, Ying J, Meier JD.
Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg (2014 Oct) 151:638-45. Abstract/Full Text
A maximum entropy approach to the study of residue-specific backbone angle distributions in α-synuclein, an intrinsically disordered protein.
Mantsyzov AB, Maltsev AS, Ying J, Shen Y, Hummer G, Bax A.
Protein Sci (2014 Sep) 23:1275-90. Abstract/Full Text
Post-contrast myocardial T(1) and ECV disagree in a longitudinal canine study.
Koopmann M, Hong K, Kholmovski EG, Huang EC, Hu N, Ying J, Levenson R, Vijayakumar S, Dosdall DJ, Ranjan R, Kim D.
NMR Biomed (2014 Aug) 27:988-95. Abstract/Full Text
Unprecedented application of flexible bis(pyridyl-tetrazole) ligands to construct helix/loop subunits to modify polyoxometalate anions.
Wang XL, Li N, Tian AX, Ying J, Li TJ, Lin XL, Luan J, Yang Y.
Inorg Chem (2014 Jul 21) 53:7118-29. Abstract/Full Text
Risk of hospitalization for survivors of childhood and adolescent cancer.
Kirchhoff AC, Fluchel MN, Wright J, Ying J, Sweeney C, Bodson J, Stroup AM, Smith KR, Fraser A, Kinney AY.
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev (2014 Jul) 23:1280-9. Abstract/Full Text
The key role of -CH3 steric hindrance in bis(pyrazolyl) ligand on polyoxometalate-based compounds.
Tian AX, Yang Y, Ying J, Li N, Lin XL, Zhang JW, Wang XL.
Dalton Trans (2014 Jun 14) 43:8405-13. Abstract/Full Text
Hollow melon-seed-shaped lithium iron phosphate micro- and sub-micrometer plates for lithium-ion batteries.
Yang XF, Yang JH, Zhong YL, Gariepy V, Trudeau ML, Zaghib K, Ying JY.
ChemSusChem (2014 Jun) 7:1618-22. Abstract/Full Text
Mutation status of somatic EGFR and KRAS genes in Chinese patients with prostate cancer (PCa).
Fu M, Zhang W, Shan L, Song J, Shang D, Ying J, Zhao J.
Virchows Arch (2014 May) 464:575-81. Abstract/Full Text
[Detection and significance of epidermal growth factor receptor mutation in esophageal, esophagogastric junction and gastric cancers].
Lyu X, Huang J, Liu J, Wang W, Su Y, Zhang W, Sun Y, Ying J, Wang J, Sun Y.
Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi (2014 May) 36:346-50. Abstract/Full Text
Three 3D silver-bis(triazole) metal-organic frameworks stabilized by high-connected Wells-Dawson polyoxometallates.
Wang X, Zhao D, Tian A, Ying J.
Dalton Trans (2014 Apr 7) 43:5211-20. Abstract/Full Text
Homonuclear decoupling for enhancing resolution and sensitivity in NOE and RDC measurements of peptides and proteins.
Ying J, Roche J, Bax A.
J Magn Reson (2014 Apr) 241:97-102. Abstract/Full Text
Direct simultaneous measurement of intraglottal geometry and velocity fields in excised larynges.
Khosla S, Oren L, Ying J, Gutmark E.
Laryngoscope (2014 Apr) 124 Suppl 2:S1-13. Abstract/Full Text
Diversity and novelty of actinobacteria in Arctic marine sediments.
Zhang G, Cao T, Ying J, Yang Y, Ma L.
Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek (2014 Apr) 105:743-54. Abstract/Full Text
Pleural fluid prealbumin and C-reactive protein in the differential diagnosis of infectious and malignant pleural effusions.
Ji Q, Huang B, Wang M, Ren Z, Zhang S, Zhang Y, Sheng L, Yu Y, Jiang J, Chen D, Ying J, Yu J, Qiu L, Wan R, Li W.
Exp Ther Med (2014 Apr) 7:778-784. Abstract/Full Text
Ethnic disparities in adherence to breast cancer survivorship surveillance care.
Advani PS, Ying J, Theriault R, Melhem-Bertrand A, Moulder S, Bedrosian I, Tereffe W, Black S, Pini TM, Brewster AM.
Cancer (2014 Mar 15) 120:894-900. Abstract/Full Text
Draft Genome Sequence of the Carrageenan-Degrading Bacterium Cellulophaga sp. Strain KL-A, Isolated from Decaying Marine Algae.
Shan D, Ying J, Li X, Gao Z, Wei G, Shao Z.
Genome Announc (2014 Mar 6) 2. Abstract/Full Text
Dissociation of the trimeric gp41 ectodomain at the lipid-water interface suggests an active role in HIV-1 Env-mediated membrane fusion.
Roche J, Louis JM, Grishaev A, Ying J, Bax A.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2014 Mar 4) 111:3425-30. Abstract/Full Text
Abnormal lithium isotope composition from the ancient lithospheric mantle beneath the North China Craton.
Tang YJ, Zhang HF, Deloule E, Su BX, Ying JF, Santosh M, Xiao Y.
Sci Rep (2014 Mar 4) 4:4274. Abstract/Full Text
Multiply-twinned intermetallic AuCu pentagonal nanorods.
Yang J, Chng LL, Yang X, Chen X, Ying JY.
Chem Commun (Camb) (2014 Feb 4) 50:1141-3. Abstract/Full Text
Metabolic complications with the use of mTOR inhibitors for cancer therapy.
Sivendran S, Agarwal N, Gartrell B, Ying J, Boucher KM, Choueiri TK, Sonpavde G, Oh WK, Galsky MD.
Cancer Treat Rev (2014 Feb) 40:190-6. Abstract/Full Text
The metalloprotease ADAMTS8 displays antitumor properties through antagonizing EGFR-MEK-ERK signaling and is silenced in carcinomas by CpG methylation.
Choi GC, Li J, Wang Y, Li L, Zhong L, Ma B, Su X, Ying J, Xiang T, Rha SY, Yu J, Sung JJ, Tsao SW, Chan AT, Tao Q.
Mol Cancer Res (2014 Feb) 12:228-38. Abstract/Full Text
Combination of conventional immunohistochemistry and qRT-PCR to detect ALK rearrangement.
Shan L, Lian F, Guo L, Yang X, Ying J, Lin D.
Diagn Pathol (2014 Jan 14) 9:3. Abstract/Full Text
Immunochip analysis identifies multiple susceptibility loci for systemic sclerosis.
Mayes MD, Bossini-Castillo L, Gorlova O, Martin JE, Zhou X, Chen WV, Assassi S, Ying J, Tan FK, Arnett FC, Reveille JD, Guerra S, Teruel M, Carmona FD, Gregersen PK, Lee AT, López-Isac E, Ochoa E, Carreira P, Simeón CP, Castellví I, González-Gay MÁ, Spanish Scleroderma Group., Zhernakova A, Padyukov L, Alarcón-Riquelme M, Wijmenga C, Brown M, Beretta L, Riemekasten G, Witte T, Hunzelmann N, Kreuter A, Distler JH, Voskuyl AE, Schuerwegh AJ, Hesselstrand R, Nordin A, Airó P, Lunardi C, Shiels P, van Laar JM, Herrick A, Worthington J, Denton C, Wigley FM, Hummers LK, Varga J, Hinchcliff ME, Baron M, Hudson M, Pope JE, Furst DE, Khanna D, Phillips K, Schiopu E, Segal BM, Molitor JA, Silver RM, Steen VD, Simms RW, Lafyatis RA, Fessler BJ, Frech TM, Alkassab F, Docherty P, Kaminska E, Khalidi N, Jones HN, Markland J, Robinson D, Broen J, Radstake TR, Fonseca C, Koeleman BP, Martin J.
Am J Hum Genet (2014 Jan 2) 94:47-61. Abstract/Full Text
Extracellular matrix-mediated differentiation of human embryonic stem cells: differentiation to insulin-secreting beta cells.
Narayanan K, Lim VY, Shen J, Tan ZW, Rajendran D, Luo SC, Gao S, Wan AC, Ying JY.
Tissue Eng Part A (2014 Jan) 20:424-33. Abstract/Full Text
Relationships between the importation, transmission, and nosocomial infections of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: an observational study of 112 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.
Jones M, Ying J, Huttner B, Evans M, Maw M, Nielson C, Rubin MA, Greene T, Samore MH.
Clin Infect Dis (2014 Jan) 58:32-9. Abstract/Full Text
Prevention of biofilm colonization by Gram-negative bacteria on minocycline-rifampin-impregnated catheters sequentially coated with chlorhexidine.
Jamal MA, Rosenblatt JS, Hachem RY, Ying J, Pravinkumar E, Nates JL, Chaftari AM, Raad II.
Antimicrob Agents Chemother (2014) 58:1179-82. Abstract/Full Text
Deuterium isotope shifts for backbone ¹H, ¹⁵N and ¹³C nuclei in intrinsically disordered protein α-synuclein.
Maltsev AS, Ying J, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2012 Oct) 54:181-91. Abstract/Full Text
Probing exchange kinetics and atomic resolution dynamics in high-molecular-weight complexes using dark-state exchange saturation transfer NMR spectroscopy.
Fawzi NL, Ying J, Torchia DA, Clore GM.
Nat Protoc (2012 Jul 19) 7:1523-33. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of ¹⁵N relaxation rates in perdeuterated proteins by TROSY-based methods.
Lakomek NA, Ying J, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2012 Jul) 53:209-21. Abstract/Full Text
Impact of N-terminal acetylation of α-synuclein on its random coil and lipid binding properties.
Maltsev AS, Ying J, Bax A.
Biochemistry (2012 Jun 26) 51:5004-13. Abstract/Full Text
Imino hydrogen positions in nucleic acids from density functional theory validated by NMR residual dipolar couplings.
Grishaev A, Ying J, Bax A.
J Am Chem Soc (2012 Apr 25) 134:6956-9. Abstract/Full Text
Atomic-resolution dynamics on the surface of amyloid-β protofibrils probed by solution NMR.
Fawzi NL, Ying J, Ghirlando R, Torchia DA, Clore GM.
Nature (2011 Oct 30) 480:268-72. Abstract/Full Text
Measurement of (1)H-(15)N and (1)H-(13)C residual dipolar couplings in nucleic acids from TROSY intensities.
Ying J, Wang J, Grishaev A, Yu P, Wang YX, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2011 Sep) 51:89-103. Abstract/Full Text
Structural discrimination in small molecules by accurate measurement of long-range proton-carbon NMR residual dipolar couplings.
Trigo-Mouriño P, Navarro-Vázquez A, Ying J, Gil RR, Bax A.
Angew Chem Int Ed Engl (2011 Aug 8) 50:7576-80. Abstract/Full Text
Kinetics of amyloid beta monomer-to-oligomer exchange by NMR relaxation.
Fawzi NL, Ying J, Torchia DA, Clore GM.
J Am Chem Soc (2010 Jul 28) 132:9948-51. Abstract/Full Text
Chemical shift anisotropy of imino 15N nuclei in Watson-Crick base pairs from magic angle spinning liquid crystal NMR and nuclear spin relaxation.
Grishaev A, Yao L, Ying J, Pardi A, Bax A.
J Am Chem Soc (2009 Jul 15) 131:9490-1. Abstract/Full Text
Improved accuracy of 15N-1H scalar and residual dipolar couplings from gradient-enhanced IPAP-HSQC experiments on protonated proteins.
Yao L, Ying J, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2009 Mar) 43:161-70. Abstract/Full Text
NMR determination of amide N-H equilibrium bond length from concerted dipolar coupling measurements.
Yao L, Vögeli B, Ying J, Bax A.
J Am Chem Soc (2008 Dec 10) 130:16518-20. Abstract/Full Text
Solution structure of tRNAVal from refinement of homology model against residual dipolar coupling and SAXS data.
Grishaev A, Ying J, Canny MD, Pardi A, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2008 Oct) 42:99-109. Abstract/Full Text
Magnetic field induced residual dipolar couplings of imino groups in nucleic acids from measurements at a single magnetic field.
Ying J, Grishaev A, Latham MP, Pardi A, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2007 Oct) 39:91-6. Abstract/Full Text
Limits on variations in protein backbone dynamics from precise measurements of scalar couplings.
Vögeli B, Ying J, Grishaev A, Bax A.
J Am Chem Soc (2007 Aug 1) 129:9377-85. Abstract/Full Text
Mixed-time parallel evolution in multiple quantum NMR experiments: sensitivity and resolution enhancement in heteronuclear NMR.
Ying J, Chill JH, Louis JM, Bax A.
J Biomol NMR (2007 Mar) 37:195-204. Abstract/Full Text
Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of new cyclic melanotropin peptide analogues selective for the human melanocortin-4 receptor.
Ying J, Gu X, Cai M, Dedek M, Vagner J, Trivedi DB, Hruby VJ.
J Med Chem (2006 Nov 16) 49:6888-96. Abstract/Full Text
2'-hydroxyl proton positions in helical RNA from simultaneously measured heteronuclear scalar couplings and NOEs.
Ying J, Bax A.
J Am Chem Soc (2006 Jul 5) 128:8372-3. Abstract/Full Text
Carbon-13 chemical shift anisotropy in DNA bases from field dependence of solution NMR relaxation rates.
Ying J, Grishaev A, Bax A.
Magn Reson Chem (2006 Mar) 44:302-10. Abstract/Full Text