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NIDDK Strategic Plan for Research

Dec. 2021
Cover of the NIDDK Plan for Strategic Research.

The NIDDK has developed a Strategic Plan to accelerate research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions under the Institute’s mission. This overarching 5-year trans-NIDDK Strategic Plan complements our disease-specific planning efforts. External input has been integral to the strategic planning process, and the NIDDK thanks all those who provided input to the development of the Plan.

The Plan highlights NIDDK's commitment to empowering a multidisciplinary research community; engaging diverse stakeholders; and leveraging discoveries of connections among diseases across NIDDK’s mission to improve prevention, treatment, and health equity—pursuing pathways to health for all.

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Executive Summary (PDF, 823.46 KB)
NIDDK Strategic Plan for Research (PDF, 2.54 MB)