National Kidney Month 2024 Toolkit

Join us as we raise awareness and use the resources below to share this year’s National Kidney Month theme, Get to Know Your Kidneys.

National Kidney Month flyer

Download our flyer with information about how your kidneys work. Share in an e-newsletter or print copies to display.

Sample social media posts and graphics

NKM 2024 social media toolkit banner

Use our sample social media posts and graphics to share messages about getting to know your kidneys on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X pages.

Sample Social Media Posts
(ZIP, 1.98 MB)

To share the National Kidney Month video, click the share arrow in the top right corner of the video below.

Kidney health resources for community and family organizers

Image of the Kidney Sundays: A Toolkit book

Kidney Sundays: A Toolkit

Health ministry leaders, or anyone interested in bringing health programming to their congregation, can use this toolkit to help make the kidney connection.

Download a Free Copy (PDF, 7.94 MB)
Download Companion Slides (PPTX, 29.62 MB)

Image of the Family Reunion Health Guide book

Family Reunion Kidney Health Guide

Family reunion planners, or anyone planning or attending a reunion or family gathering, can use this guide to start the important conversation about family health and the kidney connection.

Download a Free Copy (PDF, 1.57 MB)

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