Help Your Patients Make Lifestyle Changes After a Prediabetes Diagnosis

Develop a team approach with the patient as the center of the team.

The lifestyle interventions that have been effective in preventing type 2 diabetes have used a team approach. A team approach emphasizing the patient as the most important team member will increase the likelihood of success. The team may be composed of physicians, nurses, registered dietitians, and other health educators such as exercise trainers, community health workers, and trained peer leaders. For example, an intervention may involve weekly sessions with a dietitian to improve eating behaviors coupled with linkages to community resources and programs such as exercise sessions led by a trainer or walking groups in a local mall or park. Alternatively, refer to a community program that incorporates a team approach.

The use of shared medical appointments, group education, and telehealth can also be effective for supporting lifestyle interventions.

Last Reviewed October 2015