Eating, Diet, & Nutrition for Bladder Infection in Adults

Can diet help prevent or treat bladder infections?

Researchers don’t think your diet can help prevent or treat bladder infections. Cranberry products—including cranberry juice, extract, or pills—do not treat existing bladder infections. Some research says that cranberry products may help prevent bladder infections, but there isn’t enough evidence to be sure.3

For safety reasons, talk with your health care professional before using dietary supplements, such as vitamins, or any complementary or alternative medicines or medical practices.

Can drinking liquids help prevent or relieve bladder infections?

Drinking enough liquids can keep you hydrated and help prevent or relieve bladder infections. Water is best.

Man sitting at a desk, drinking a glass of water.Drink lots of liquids to help prevent bladder infections. Water is best.


Last Reviewed April 2024
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