Section on Motivational Processes Underlying Appetite

of the Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Obesity Branch

Our lab aims to better understand the neural underpinnings of hunger by interrogating and recording activity of specific subsets of cells under distinct contexts of feeding behavior.

Select Publications

High-fat food biases hypothalamic and mesolimbic expression of consummatory drives.
Mazzone CM, Liang-Guallpa J, Li C, Wolcott NS, Boone MH, Southern M, Kobzar NP, Salgado IA, Reddy DM, Sun F, Zhang Y, Li Y, Cui G, Krashes MJ.
Nat Neurosci (2020 Oct) 23:1253-1266. Abstract/Full Text
Need-based prioritization of behavior.
Burnett CJ, Funderburk SC, Navarrete J, Sabol A, Liang-Guallpa J, Desrochers TM, Krashes MJ.
Elife (2019 Mar 25) 8. Abstract/Full Text
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