Genetics and Metabolism Section

of the Liver Diseases Branch

Our laboratory focuses on the genetics and cell biology of iron uptake and utilization in eukaryotes.

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PCBP1 and NCOA4 regulate erythroid iron storage and heme biosynthesis.
Ryu MS, Zhang D, Protchenko O, Shakoury-Elizeh M, Philpott CC.
J Clin Invest (2017 May 1) 127:1786-1797. Abstract/Full Text
A Glutaredoxin·BolA Complex Serves as an Iron-Sulfur Cluster Chaperone for the Cytosolic Cluster Assembly Machinery.
Frey AG, Palenchar DJ, Wildemann JD, Philpott CC.
J Biol Chem (2016 Oct 21) 291:22344-22356. Abstract/Full Text
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