About the Branch

The scientific mission of the Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch is to determine the etiology of type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Current Research

Researchers in the Branch use several scientific approaches to determine the cause of the disease, including epidemiologic, clinical physiologic, and molecular genetic approaches.

The Branch is unique because it brings together scientists from diverse backgrounds to collaborate and applies the latest techniques in each discipline to solve a single problem. Using this approach, the Branch has made substantial progress in identifying the physiologic and genetic determinants of diabetes and its risk factors. In addition, researchers in the Branch have conducted several clinical trials to intervene in the natural history of this disease and to prevent the development of diabetes and its resulting severe complications. The Branch welcomes new investigators to work in the field, the clinical research center, and/or in the basic laboratories to help develop new ideas and strategies that can help us achieve scientific goals and, ultimately, prevent this disease.

The goal of this research is to identify the causes of obesity and type 2 diabetes in humans for the purposes of improved prevention and treatment.

This research will result in improved prevention and treatment methods for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Last Reviewed November 2023