Frequently Asked Questions: KPMP Central Hub (CH)

The CH will lead KPMP-wide efforts to establish and monitor all QA/QC plans and metrics, including dynamic measurements that can be quantified and compared to a threshold metric or benchmark. The CH should support the KPMP in its efforts to design and implement fit-for-purpose internal and external controls.

The CH must name as key personnel a Quality Coordinator with appropriate expertise (e.g., clinical laboratory medicine) who will be ultimately responsible for QA/QC of all KPMP data, metadata, workflows, and biosamples.

The CH should request $1,000,000 or more per year (inclusive of all F&A costs) to address gaps or catalyze new partnerships. The CH should not calculate F&A on the Opportunity Pool set aside. Rather, the CH should budget for costs associated with the administration of the Opportunity Pool (including key personnel) within the AC. The CH is also entitled to F&A costs on the first $25,000 of each subaward made from the Opportunity Pool.

It is anticipated that the Opportunity Pool will support about 40 subawards over the 5-year project period of the CH (with each subaward being about $112,500 total costs per year). Please note that the F&A costs for the subawardee institution are included in the total costs of each subaward.

Last Reviewed October 2023