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Frequently Asked Questions: KPMP Recruitment Sites (RS)

Yes. Applicants should identify as an AKI site, a CKD site, or a site that will recruit both AKI and CKD. Provide the number of expected AKI and/or CKD biopsies.

All sites are expected to recruit 30 or more participants per year and justify their numbers based on available disease population and anticipated rate of consent. Sites planning to recruit both AKI and CKD participants should propose how many AKI vs CKD cases will be recruited.

A cost of $3,500 per research kidney biopsy has been agreed upon by the KPMP and their respective institutions. A letter of support from the institution acknowledging this cost is required. Applications that do not include this letter will be withdrawn and will not be reviewed.

Inclusion/exclusion criteria have been determined by the KPMP Steering Committee, which involves participants from all KPMP sites, and are subject to change by the Steering Committee, based on evolving needs.

Yes. Applicants should demonstrate pre-application involvement and tentative agreement by the local IRB, for a study in which kidney biopsy tissue is collected for research. A letter from the local IRB should be included in the application indicating their willingness to rely on the KPMP single IRB.

Last Reviewed October 2023