NIDDK Director's Update Fall 2023

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Diabetes Discoveries & Practice Blog discusses how stigma affects patients

A general practitioner speaking with a patient

NIDDK’s blog for health professionals delves into important issues and emerging trends in diabetes care. Recently, University of Florida Body Image and Stigma (BIAS) Lab Director Dr. Rebecca L. Pearl shared how stigma in health care settings affects the health and quality of life of people with overweight, obesity, or diabetes, and how health care professionals can prevent and reduce stigma in their interactions with patients. “We know that adults with type 2 diabetes report high rates of weight stigma, and diabetes stigma is often directed toward adults in larger bodies. Internalized diabetes stigma is associated with more depression and anxiety, less social engagement, greater diabetes-related distress, and impaired diabetes management and self-care behaviors,” said Pearl. She said that health care professionals can take multiple approaches to reduce stigma, such as avoiding making assumptions about patients based on their weight, asking for permission to take a patient’s weight, making sure the office safe is inclusive for all bodies. Read the full interview on the Diabetes Discoveries & Practice blog.

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