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Healthy Moments Logo and Dr. Griffin Rodgers
The Healthy Moments logo and Dr. Griffin Rodgers

Healthy Moments Radio Broadcast

One-minute tips on living a healthy lifestyle featuring Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of NIDDK.


Each episode is 1 minute in length.

How do we tackle overweight and obesity? We think one way is to look closely at the differences in the ways our bodies process what we eat and drink.

Did you know that researchers only recently discovered how your genetics play a role in inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD?

For people with kidney disease, precision medicine promises to look beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to find treatment and preventions that work best for you.

By studying the role of our genes, we can better understand why some people are at high risk for type 2 diabetes—and which treatments are likely to work for them.

Did you know that medical devices can support or replace a body function, offering hope to millions of Americans with chronic diseases like type 1 diabetes?

Did you know that millions of Americans are living with viral hepatitis and don’t know they have it?

Did you know that healthy eating can help teens stay focused and energized for school, sports, and activities?

Did you know that too much time in front of a screen can affect kids’ health?

Concerned about the nation’s obesity epidemic? Check out the NIH We Can! Program.