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Healthy Moments Logo and Dr. Griffin Rodgers

Healthy Moments Radio Broadcast

One-minute tips on living a healthy lifestyle featuring Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of NIDDK.


Each episode is 1 minute in length.

Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable discuss the importance of reducing language barriers in health care.

Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable talk about how a person’s environment can affect their health.

Dr. Rodgers is joined by the director of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, Dr. Eliseo Pérez-Stable to explain how health disparities affect a person’s ability to stay healthy.

Dr. Rodgers introduces Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed, a guide for school personnel.

Dr. Rodgers provides parents of diabetic children with tips for talking to school staff.

Dr. Rodgers notes that students going off to college may find themselves adding unwanted pounds, and gives them tips to stay at a healthy weight.

Dr. Rodgers points out that walking is a great way to get physical activity, and gives listeners tips to help make walking a regular habit.

Dr. Rodgers discusses the risks associated with children being overweight, and provides tips to help children eat healthy and keep their physical activity level up for the fall.

Learn how telehealth can provide new ways to see a doctor without traveling long distances, from Dr. Rodgers and Dr. Pettigrew.