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Healthy Moments Logo and Dr. Griffin Rodgers
The Healthy Moments logo and Dr. Griffin Rodgers

Healthy Moments Radio Broadcast

One-minute tips on living a healthy lifestyle featuring Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of NIDDK.


Each episode is 1 minute in length.

Did you know getting enough sleep may help you reach or stay at a healthy weight?

Finding time for physical activity while juggling work, family, and personal needs can be tough—but there are ways to strike a healthy balance.

Did you know that physical activity can actually give you more energy?

Living with chronic kidney disease can be challenging, but new technologies and telehealth options can make it easier for you to manage.

Building healthier lifestyle habits can help you take charge of chronic kidney disease, or CKD.

Work with your health care team to manage chronic kidney disease—the more involved you are, the more empowered you’ll feel.

Making changes to manage chronic kidney disease, especially if you don’t have symptoms, can take some planning, but it’s worth it!

Chronic kidney disease, or CKD, is a serious condition—so take charge of your health and talk to your doctor about getting tested for CKD.

Women with diabetes can lower their chances of heart attack or stroke by managing their blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and not smoking.

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Each video is 1 minute in length. The full playlist of Healthy Moments videos is also available on NIDDK's YouTube channel.

Find out how you can help find a vaccine for coronavirus. Drs. Rodgers and Fauci discuss volunteering for the COVE study through the COVID-19 Prevention Network.

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