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Responsibilities & Activities

As Deputy Director of the Division’s Basic Science program, I oversee basic and translational studies on the kidney, urinary tract, and disorders of the blood and blood-forming organs. I also oversee several specific programs:

  1. The Renal Physiology program, which supports basic research on normal function of the mature kidney.
  2. The Kidney Precision Medicine Project, a longitudinal study to ethically obtain and evaluate human kidney biopsies from participants with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) or Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), create a kidney tissue atlas, define disease subgroups, and identify critical cells, pathways, and targets for novel therapies.
  3. The Innovative Science Accelerator (ISAC) Program, which provides seed funding for paradigm-shifting projects.
  4. The ReBuilding a Kidney Consortium, which aims to repair injured nephrons in vivo or generate new nephrons ex vivo for transplant.

Research Programs

Kidney Basic Research
The mechanisms and pathophysiology underlying renal disease and its progression.

Kidney Bioengineering, Biotechnology, & Imaging
The development of new technologies for the diagnosis, monitoring, or treatment of renal disease.

Committees & Working Groups

  • NIDDK Translational Research Working Group Member
  • KUH Program Project (P01/R24) Review Committee Member
  • KUH Heme Team
Last Reviewed March 2024