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Susan R. Mendley, M.D.

Photo of Susan Mendley
Clinical and Translational PKD; Kidney Pediatrics; Kidney Centers; and Chronic Kidney Disease

Responsibilities & Activities

I oversee research related to acute and chronic kidney diseases that affect children, including congenital and acquired renal disorders, through individual research studies and the Pediatric Centers of Excellence. In addition to progressive loss of renal function, these diseases impact growth, development, and lifelong potential for full rehabilitation.

My responsibilities also involve the scientific and programmatic management of single site and multi-institutional studies of chronic kidney disease in adults, including basic, translational, and clinical research in CKD.

Further, I oversee polycystic kidney disease research including PKD Research and Translation Centers.

Research Programs

Chronic Kidney Disease
The mechanisms and pathophysiology underlying renal disease and its progression.

Kidney Clinical Research & Epidemiology
Advances clinical studies and epidemiologic research on renal disease.

Kidney Disease Centers
Enhancing the effectiveness of research related to nephrology by encouraging collaboration among investigators from relevant disciplines.

Pediatric Kidney Disease
Interventional, epidemiological, descriptive, or natural history studies of children with acute or chronic renal diseases.

Polycystic Kidney Disease
Research on renal injury from cyst growth that occurs in PKD.