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Planning Process for the NIDDK Strategic Plan

Beginning in 2020, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) is embarking on an Institute-wide strategic planning process. The goal of the process is to develop a broad vision for accelerating research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of diseases and conditions under the Institute’s mission. This overarching, 5-year trans-NIDDK Strategic Plan will complement our disease-specific planning efforts.

NIDDK has formulated the following broad themes as a starting point for the planning process:
  • Advancing understanding of biological pathways and environmental contributors to health and disease.
  • Advancing progress in pivotal clinical studies and trials for prevention, treatment, and cures in diverse populations.
  • Advancing dissemination and implementation research on strategies to identify, adapt, scale-up, and integrate evidenced-based interventions in diverse settings and populations.
  • Promoting participant engagement  including patients and other participants as true partners in research.
  • Advancing research training and career development to promote a talented, diverse biomedical research workforce.
  • Promoting innovation, rigor and reproducibility in research, partnerships, and other critical efforts as part of efficient and effective stewardship of public resources.

NIDDK has established a Working Group of Council (PDF, 119.71 KB)  comprised of a subset of the members of NIDDK’s Advisory Council and others with expertise in NIDDK’s mission areas, along with NIDDK staff to lead the development of the Plan. The strategic planning process also will include opportunities for broad public input to inform the development of the Plan.

As NIDDK’s strategic planning process advances, we will update this page.

For questions about NIDDK’s strategic planning, please contact NIDDK’s Office of Scientific Program and Policy Analysis by emailing NIDDKstrategicplan@nih.gov.

August 2020