Simple Data Requests

The USRDS has a primary objective of making data readily available to the nephrology community. In many cases, questions can be answered by providing data currently published in the Annual Data Report (ADR) or elsewhere. Questions and data requests that are not answered by the ADR can be addressed by the Coordinating Center; all USRDS inquiries and requests are processed free of charge. Requests for data not available in the Annual Data Reports are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We seek to provide a timely response to researchers, practitioners, and other members of the nephrology community. Due to the limited resources available for completing data requests that require advanced technical assistance, such requests must be made by e-mail and will be reviewed and completed as promptly as staff resources allow.

The USRDS does not provide medical advice or comment on current treatments prescribed by physicians. We urge individuals seeking this type of information to consult with a qualified physician.

Types of Data Requests

Requests that can be fulfilled using already compiled ADR data and are expected to require less than two hours to complete are considered Simple Data Requests. To submit simple data requests email

Research needs that cannot be fulfilled through ADR Data can usually be met by requesting Standard Analysis Files or custom data files through a Merged Data request.

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Last Reviewed May 2024