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Tools to Manage Mental Health for Patients and Health Care Professionals

Female Doctor Treating Male Patient Suffering With Depression

Mental health is important for everyone. Find information and resources on mental health to help you and your patients with diabetes.

Observing Mental Health Awareness Week (October 3–9, 2021) reminds us that health care professionals should consider the mental wellbeing of their patients with diabetes, and their own.

As health care professionals, you have unique insight into the wellbeing of your patients and can provide support and resources to those struggling with mental health issues, which can sometimes be exacerbated by living with diabetes. Remember it is just as important to take care of yourself, so we’ve rounded up some of our best blog posts on mental health tips to help you and your patients with diabetes.

Below are four previous blog posts with information and practical tools you can use when working with patients who have diabetes to help them manage their mental wellbeing.

  • Diabetes Distress and Depression
    Jeffrey Gonzalez, PhD, discusses how depression and diabetes distress affect people living with diabetes and what health care professionals can do to help their patients.
  • The Impact of Poor Sleep on Type 2 Diabetes
    Eve Van Cauter, PhD, explains the relationship between diabetes and poor sleep (anxiety and depression have been linked to sleep disorders) and shares how health care professionals can advise their patients.
  • Eating Disorders and the Patient with Diabetes
    Rhonda M. Merwin, PhD, addresses the links between diabetes and disordered eating, the signs of eating disorders, and how health care professionals can support patients with diabetes who are affected by eating disorders.

The following two previous blog posts also provide information about the importance of health care professionals managing their own mental wellbeing.

  • The Impact of “Physician Burnout”
    Marie T. Brown, MD, shares her insights on the impact of physician burnout in health care and offers possible solutions to end the nationwide crisis of physician burnout.

What tips do you have for managing both patients’ and your own mental health issues? Tell us in the comments.


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