Gene Regulation and Development Section

of the Laboratory of Cellular and Developmental Biology

A group of molecular biologists studying nuclear organization and chromatin structure to learn about how gene transcriptional regulators such as enhancers and insulators function.

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Fetal γ-globin genes are regulated by the BGLT3 long noncoding RNA locus.
Ivaldi MS, Diaz LF, Chakalova L, Lee J, Krivega I, Dean A.
Blood (2018 Nov 1) 132:1963-1973. Abstract/Full Text
The LDB1 Complex Co-opts CTCF for Erythroid Lineage-Specific Long-Range Enhancer Interactions.
Lee J, Krivega I, Dale RK, Dean A.
Cell Rep (2017 Jun 20) 19:2490-2502. Abstract/Full Text
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