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Luis Diaz
Post-Baccalaureate Fellow
Luis graduated from Pomona College in 2015 with a BA degree in molecular biology. He is working on regulation of the Myb gene in erythroid cells. While conducting his research this year, Luis is applying to MD/PhD programs.
Xiang Guo
Postdoctoral Fellow
Xiang received her PhD from the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015. She is studying the negative regulatory role of the ETO2 protein as part of a complex in erythroid cells that facilitates enhancer looping (or folding) of chromatin.
Maria Soledad Ivaldi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Soledad received her PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in 2009 from Johns Hopkins University where she studied under Victor Corces. She is working on the function of a long non-coding RNA in regulation of human globin genes.
Ivan Krivega
Research Fellow
Vanya studied under Pavel Georgiev at the Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences and received his PhD in 2007. He is studying the molecular mechanisms underlying how enhancers function.
Benjamin Leadem
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ben received his PhD in 2015 from Johns Hopkins University where he studied under Steve Baylin. Ben is using genome wide approaches to discover epigenetic modifiers in erythroid cells that are important for genome modification during development.
Guoyou Liu
Postdoctoral Fellow
Guoyou received his PhD in 2015 from Peking University Medical School (PUMC) where he trained under De-Pei Liu. Guoyou is working on regulation of key erythroid genes by non-coding RNAs.