We study maternal factors that promote folliculogenesis, ensure fertilization, and sustain cleavage-stage development in mice.

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Sertoli cell-only phenotype and scRNA-seq define PRAMEF12 as a factor essential for spermatogenesis in mice.
Wang Z, Xu X, Li JL, Palmer C, Maric D, Dean J.
Nat Commun (2019 Nov 15) 10:5196. Abstract/Full Text
Anchoring cortical granules in the cortex ensures trafficking to the plasma membrane for post-fertilization exocytosis.
Vogt EJ, Tokuhiro K, Guo M, Dale R, Yang G, Shin SW, Movilla MJ, Shroff H, Dean J.
Nat Commun (2019 May 22) 10:2271. Abstract/Full Text
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