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Stromal Pbrm1 mediates chromatin remodeling necessary for embryo implantation in the mouse uterus.
Xin Q, Feng I, Yu G, Dean J.
J Clin Invest (2024 Mar 1) 134. Abstract/Full Text
Degradation and translation of maternal mRNA for embryogenesis.
Yang G, Xin Q, Dean J.
Trends Genet (2024 Mar) 40:238-249. Abstract/Full Text
Reduced female fertility due to sequestration of RNA Pol II by pervasive transcription in exosome RNase-depleted oocytes.
Wu D, Dean J.
Cell Rep (2023 Oct 31) 42:113247. Abstract/Full Text
Chromatin remodeling of prostaglandin signaling in smooth muscle enables mouse embryo passage through the female reproductive tract.
Xin Q, Yu G, Feng I, Dean J.
Dev Cell (2023 Sep 25) 58:1716-1732.e8. Abstract/Full Text
Germ cell-specific eIF4E1b regulates maternal mRNA translation to ensure zygotic genome activation.
Yang G, Xin Q, Feng I, Wu D, Dean J.
Genes Dev (2023 May 1) 37:418-431. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

DIS3L2 ribonuclease degrades terminal-uridylated RNA to ensure oocyte maturation and female fertility.
Wu D, Pedroza M, Chang J, Dean J.
Nucleic Acids Res (2023 Apr 24) 51:3078-3093. Abstract/Full Text
RNA exosome ribonuclease DIS3 degrades Pou6f1 to promote mouse pre-implantation cell differentiation.
Wu D, Dean J.
Cell Rep (2023 Feb 28) 42:112047. Abstract/Full Text
Sperm acrosome overgrowth and infertility in mice lacking chromosome 18 pachytene piRNA.
Choi H, Wang Z, Dean J.
PLoS Genet (2021 Apr) 17:e1009485. Abstract/Full Text
EXOSC10 sculpts the transcriptome during the growth-to-maturation transition in mouse oocytes.
Wu D, Dean J.
Nucleic Acids Res (2020 Jun 4) 48:5349-5365. Abstract/Full Text
FIGLA, LHX8 and SOHLH1 transcription factor networks regulate mouse oocyte growth and differentiation.
Wang Z, Liu CY, Zhao Y, Dean J.
Nucleic Acids Res (2020 Apr 17) 48:3525-3541. Abstract/Full Text
Maternal factors regulating preimplantation development in mice.
Wu D, Dean J.
Curr Top Dev Biol (2020) 140:317-340. Abstract/Full Text
Sertoli cell-only phenotype and scRNA-seq define PRAMEF12 as a factor essential for spermatogenesis in mice.
Wang Z, Xu X, Li JL, Palmer C, Maric D, Dean J.
Nat Commun (2019 Nov 15) 10:5196. Abstract/Full Text
Anchoring cortical granules in the cortex ensures trafficking to the plasma membrane for post-fertilization exocytosis.
Vogt EJ, Tokuhiro K, Guo M, Dale R, Yang G, Shin SW, Movilla MJ, Shroff H, Dean J.
Nat Commun (2019 May 22) 10:2271. Abstract/Full Text
Glycan-Independent Gamete Recognition Triggers Egg Zinc Sparks and ZP2 Cleavage to Prevent Polyspermy.
Tokuhiro K, Dean J.
Dev Cell (2018 Sep 10) 46:627-640.e5. Abstract/Full Text
Cytoplasmic cleavage of DPPA3 is required for intracellular trafficking and cleavage-stage development in mice.
Shin SW, Vogt EJ, Jimenez-Movilla M, Baibakov B, Dean J.
Nat Commun (2017 Nov 21) 8:1643. Abstract/Full Text
BTBD18 Regulates a Subset of piRNA-Generating Loci through Transcription Elongation in Mice.
Zhou L, Canagarajah B, Zhao Y, Baibakov B, Tokuhiro K, Maric D, Dean J.
Dev Cell (2017 Mar 13) 40:453-466.e5. Abstract/Full Text
Genetic mosaics and time-lapse imaging identify functions of histone H3.3 residues in mouse oocytes and embryos.
Zhou L, Baibakov B, Canagarajah B, Xiong B, Dean J.
Development (2017 Feb 1) 144:519-528. Abstract/Full Text
A Unique Egg Cortical Granule Localization Motif Is Required for Ovastacin Sequestration to Prevent Premature ZP2 Cleavage and Ensure Female Fertility in Mice.
Xiong B, Zhao Y, Beall S, Sadusky AB, Dean J.
PLoS Genet (2017 Jan) 13:e1006580. Abstract/Full Text
BTG4, a maternal mRNA cleaner.
Wu D, Dean J.
J Mol Cell Biol (2016 Aug) 8:369-70. Abstract/Full Text
ZP2 peptide beads select human sperm in vitro, decoy mouse sperm in vivo, and provide reversible contraception.
Avella MA, Baibakov BA, Jimenez-Movilla M, Sadusky AB, Dean J.
Sci Transl Med (2016 Apr 27) 8:336ra60. Abstract/Full Text
Exacting Requirements for Development of the Egg.
Dean J.
N Engl J Med (2016 Jan 21) 374:279-80. Abstract/Full Text
Reprogramming the genome to totipotency in mouse embryos.
Zhou LQ, Dean J.
Trends Cell Biol (2015 Feb) 25:82-91. Abstract/Full Text
The subcortical maternal complex controls symmetric division of mouse zygotes by regulating F-actin dynamics.
Yu XJ, Yi Z, Gao Z, Qin D, Zhai Y, Chen X, Ou-Yang Y, Wang ZB, Zheng P, Zhu MS, Wang H, Sun QY, Dean J, Li L.
Nat Commun (2014 Sep 11) 5:4887. Abstract/Full Text
A single domain of the ZP2 zona pellucida protein mediates gamete recognition in mice and humans.
Avella MA, Baibakov B, Dean J.
J Cell Biol (2014 Jun 23) 205:801-9. Abstract/Full Text
Figla-Cre transgenic mice expressing myristoylated EGFP in germ cells provide a model for investigating perinatal oocyte dynamics.
Lin RS, Jimenez-Movilla M, Dean J.
PLoS One (2014) 9:e84477. Abstract/Full Text
The maternal to zygotic transition in mammals.
Li L, Lu X, Dean J.
Mol Aspects Med (2013 Oct) 34:919-38. Abstract/Full Text
The molecular basis of gamete recognition in mice and humans.
Avella MA, Xiong B, Dean J.
Mol Hum Reprod (2013 May) 19:279-89. Abstract/Full Text
PtdIns(3,4,5)P3 is constitutively synthesized and required for spindle translocation during meiosis in mouse oocytes.
Zheng P, Baibakov B, Wang XH, Dean J.
J Cell Sci (2013 Feb 1) 126:715-21. Abstract/Full Text
Human sperm bind to the N-terminal domain of ZP2 in humanized zonae pellucidae in transgenic mice.
Baibakov B, Boggs NA, Yauger B, Baibakov G, Dean J.
J Cell Biol (2012 Jun 25) 197:897-905. Abstract/Full Text
Ovastacin, a cortical granule protease, cleaves ZP2 in the zona pellucida to prevent polyspermy.
Burkart AD, Xiong B, Baibakov B, Jiménez-Movilla M, Dean J.
J Cell Biol (2012 Apr 2) 197:37-44. Abstract/Full Text
Fertilization with acrosome-reacted mouse sperm: implications for the site of exocytosis.
Avella MA, Dean J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2011 Dec 13) 108:19843-4. Abstract/Full Text
ZP2 and ZP3 cytoplasmic tails prevent premature interactions and ensure incorporation into the zona pellucida.
Jimenez-Movilla M, Dean J.
J Cell Sci (2011 Mar 15) 124:940-50. Abstract/Full Text
Human ZP4 is not sufficient for taxon-specific sperm recognition of the zona pellucida in transgenic mice.
Yauger B, Boggs NA, Dean J.
Reproduction (2011 Mar) 141:313-9. Abstract/Full Text
Gamete recognition in mice depends on the cleavage status of an egg's zona pellucida protein.
Gahlay G, Gauthier L, Baibakov B, Epifano O, Dean J.
Science (2010 Jul 9) 329:216-9. Abstract/Full Text
FIGLA, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor, balances sexually dimorphic gene expression in postnatal oocytes.
Hu W, Gauthier L, Baibakov B, Jimenez-Movilla M, Dean J.
Mol Cell Biol (2010 Jul) 30:3661-71. Abstract/Full Text
Maternal control of early mouse development.
Li L, Zheng P, Dean J.
Development (2010 Mar) 137:859-70. Abstract/Full Text
Role of Filia, a maternal effect gene, in maintaining euploidy during cleavage-stage mouse embryogenesis.
Zheng P, Dean J.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2009 May 5) 106:7473-8. Abstract/Full Text
A subcortical maternal complex essential for preimplantation mouse embryogenesis.
Li L, Baibakov B, Dean J.
Dev Cell (2008 Sep) 15:416-425. Abstract/Full Text
Maternally derived FILIA-MATER complex localizes asymmetrically in cleavage-stage mouse embryos.
Ohsugi M, Zheng P, Baibakov B, Li L, Dean J.
Development (2008 Jan) 135:259-69. Abstract/Full Text
Oocyte-specific genes affect folliculogenesis, fertilization, and early development.
Zheng P, Dean J.
Semin Reprod Med (2007 Jul) 25:243-51. Abstract/Full Text
Ovarian gene expression in the absence of FIGLA, an oocyte-specific transcription factor.
Joshi S, Davies H, Sims LP, Levy SE, Dean J.
BMC Dev Biol (2007 Jun 13) 7:67. Abstract/Full Text
Sperm binding to the zona pellucida is not sufficient to induce acrosome exocytosis.
Baibakov B, Gauthier L, Talbot P, Rankin TL, Dean J.
Development (2007 Mar) 134:933-43. Abstract/Full Text
Human sperm do not bind to rat zonae pellucidae despite the presence of four homologous glycoproteins.
Hoodbhoy T, Joshi S, Boja ES, Williams SA, Stanley P, Dean J.
J Biol Chem (2005 Apr 1) 280:12721-31. Abstract/Full Text
Mass spectrometry analysis of recombinant human ZP3 expressed in glycosylation-deficient CHO cells.
Zhao M, Boja ES, Hoodbhoy T, Nawrocki J, Kaufman JB, Kresge N, Ghirlando R, Shiloach J, Pannell L, Levine RL, Fales HM, Dean J.
Biochemistry (2004 Sep 28) 43:12090-104. Abstract/Full Text
Insights into the molecular basis of sperm-egg recognition in mammals.
Hoodbhoy T, Dean J.
Reproduction (2004 Apr) 127:417-22. Abstract/Full Text
Structural characterization of native mouse zona pellucida proteins using mass spectrometry.
Boja ES, Hoodbhoy T, Fales HM, Dean J.
J Biol Chem (2003 Sep 5) 278:34189-202. Abstract/Full Text
Fertility and taxon-specific sperm binding persist after replacement of mouse sperm receptors with human homologs.
Rankin TL, Coleman JS, Epifano O, Hoodbhoy T, Turner SG, Castle PE, Lee E, Gore-Langton R, Dean J.
Dev Cell (2003 Jul) 5:33-43. Abstract/Full Text
Conserved furin cleavage site not essential for secretion and integration of ZP3 into the extracellular egg coat of transgenic mice.
Zhao M, Gold L, Ginsberg AM, Liang LF, Dean J.
Mol Cell Biol (2002 May) 22:3111-20. Abstract/Full Text
FIGalpha, a germ cell-specific transcription factor required for ovarian follicle formation.
Soyal SM, Amleh A, Dean J.
Development (2000 Nov) 127:4645-54. Abstract/Full Text
Mater, a maternal effect gene required for early embryonic development in mice.
Tong ZB, Gold L, Pfeifer KE, Dorward H, Lee E, Bondy CA, Dean J, Nelson LM.
Nat Genet (2000 Nov) 26:267-8. Abstract/Full Text
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