NIDDK Director's Update Winter 2010

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Kidney Disease Research Takes Center Stage at Workshop

NIDDK’s Oct. 18-19 workshop, “Translating Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Research into Improved Clinical Outcomes,” focused on type 2 translational research, which has the goal of identifying factors that lead to adoption and maintenance of interventions at the practice level. For more information and a summary of the workshop, go to Upcoming Meetings and Workshops.

An associated funding initiative, “Planning Grants for Translating Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Research into Improved Clinical Outcomes (R34),” encourages applications to test the effectiveness of interventions that could be adopted and sustained in a range of settings.

National Diabetes Awareness Month Efforts Focus on Family Health History

National Diabetes Education Program logo

Last month, in observance of National Diabetes Awareness Month, the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP)—an initiative of the NIH and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—promoted awareness and prevention messages focusing on family health history and gestational diabetes.

Many people with type 2 diabetes have one or more family members with the disease. The NDEP, through its network of more than 200 partners and media outreach, used the Awareness Month to encourage families to talk about their family’s history of diabetes.

While a family’s health history is unchangeable, knowing about it and taking action—with the help of health care providers—can change the future.

At family gatherings this holiday season, consider talking about diabetes. Here are some questions to help start that conversation:

  • Does anyone in the family have type 2 diabetes?
  • Has anyone in the family been told they might get diabetes?
  • Has anyone in the family been told they need to lose weight or increase their physical activity to prevent type 2 diabetes?
  • Did your mother get gestational diabetes?

To lean more about family health history and preventing type 2 diabetes, visit, Diabetes Risk Test.

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