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Kevin Abbott, M.D., M.P.H.

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Kidney and Urology Epidemiology; Transplant, including transplant related clinical trials; Dialysis Clinical Studies, non interventional, clinical trials; Contract Officer Representative (COR) for United States Renal Data System (USRDS) and Urologic Diseases in America (UDA)

Responsibilities & Activities

As Director of Kidney and Urology Epidemiology for KUH, my portfolio includes oversight of the United States Renal Data System and Urologic Diseases of America. In addition, I oversee a portfolio of projects involving end stage renal disease, kidney transplantation, bone and mineral metabolism, and urological epidemiology. I am the approval authority for all data requests for the United States Renal Data System research files, and requests to merge such data with other data sources.

For epidemiologic research, I am interested in descriptive, analytic, and interventional epidemiologic research projects in renal and non-cancer urologic disease. Specific to renal research in transplant and dialysis, I support basic, translational and clinical studies in all aspects of ESRD. This program also encompasses diet and nutrition in patients with ESRD and in patients on renal replacement therapy. Other areas of interest include: dialytic therapy, organ procurement; and methods for making organs more available (including organ storage and preservation); non-immune kidney allograft dysfunction; chronic rejection.

Research Programs

Chronic Kidney Disease
The mechanisms and pathophysiology underlying kidney disease and its progression.

End-Stage Renal Disease
The mechanisms and pathophysiology of kidney failure and the progression of chronic kidney disease to kidney failure.

Kidney Clinical Research & Epidemiology
Advances clinical studies and epidemiologic research on renal disease.

Urology Clinical Research & Epidemiology
Clinical studies and epidemiologic research for urologic diseases.

Last Reviewed March 2024