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Clinical Trials

Open studies conducted by NIDDK Principal Investigators appear below. Study statuses may include the following:

  • Open: Recruiting - Currently recruiting participants and open to everyone who meets eligibility criteria.
  • Open: Active, Not Recruiting - Participants are receiving an intervention or being examined, however new participants are not being recruited or enrolled.
  • Open: Enrolling by Invitation - People in a particular population were selected in advance and invited to participate. The study is not open to everyone who meets the eligibility criteria.
  • Open: Available for Expanded Access - Patients who are not participants in the clinical study may be able to gain access to the drug, biologic, or medical device being studied.

Studies Seeking Patients

Title: Therapeutic Targets in African-American Youth With Type 2 Diabetes

Background: The pill metformin treats diabetes. But it does not work for all youth, especially African-Americans. The injectable Liraglutide treats type 2 diabetes in adults. Researchers want to understand how these drugs work and if they decrease excess sugar made by the liver in youth with type 2 diabetes. Objective: To test if using liraglutide and metformin are better than just metformin for decreasing excess sugar produced by the liver in African-American youth with type 2 diabetes. Eligibility: African-Americans ages 12-21 with type 2 diabetes Design: Visit 1: Participants will be screened with medical history, physical exam, and blood and urine tests. Participants will stop taking diabetes medicines for 1 week. They will learn how to check blood sugars at home twice a day. Visit 2: Overnight at the clinic. Participants will have: Vital signs taken. Pregnancy test. A thin plastic tube (IV catheter) be inserted in each forearm by needle. Blood drawn several times after drinking a sweet drink. X-ray of total body fat. Urine and stool collected. Breath tests while wearing a clear hood for up to 45 minutes. For several hours, participants can have only water. At 4 a.m. they will get sugar and fat with nonradioactive isotopes in one IV. Blood will be collected. Every 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., they will drink small amounts of a shake and have blood drawn. Participants will be randomly assigned to take either both study drugs daily or just metformin daily. Visits 3-4: Participants will bring their blood sugar records and have blood tests. Visit 5, after 3 months: Repeat of visit 2....

The trial is Open with a status of Recruiting.

Investigator: Stephanie T Chung, M.D.

Referral Contacts: Email: Stephanie T Chung, M.D. Phone: (240) 479-8137

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