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Edward Doo, M.D.

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Fatty Liver Disease; Genetic Liver Disease; HIV and Liver; Pediatric Liver Disease; Viral Hepatitis and Infectious Diseases

Responsibilities & Activities

I administer and oversee a basic, translational, and clinical research grant portfolio that encompasses clinical research and clinical trials in liver diseases; fatty liver disease; the genetics of liver diseases; viral hepatitis and infectious diseases; and pediatric liver diseases. I encourage research proposals that advance our knowledge of liver disease pathophysiology on a cellular and mechanistic level that can be translated to improve our understanding of liver disease pathogenesis and potentially lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of the underlying liver condition.

I am a project officer or scientist for clinical studies in pediatric liver diseases and transplantation; hepatitis B; fatty liver disease; and acute liver failure.

Research Programs

Gastrointestinal, Nutrition, & Liver Research in HIV/AIDS
Research on gastrointestinal, nutrition, and liver function in HIV/AIDS.

Genetic Metabolic Disease
Basic and clinical studies on the pathophysiology and treatment of inborn errors of metabolism and rare genetic metabolic diseases.

Liver Clinical Research & Epidemiology
Patient-oriented clinical research and epidemiological research in hepatotoxicity due to drugs and dietary supplements.

Translational & Basic Liver Disease Research
Translational and basic research on liver physiology and pathophysiology and liver diseases.

Committees & Working Groups

  • Diabetes Complications Committee, Member
  • Translational Working Group, Member
  • Minority Affairs Advisory Committee, Member
Last Reviewed March 2024