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Jenna Norton, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Jenna Norton.
Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health, and Health Data Standards

Responsibilities & Activities

As a Program Director at NIDDK, I support efforts to implement health equity research, with special emphasis on the role social determinants play in kidney and urologic health; disease; and racial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities. Within the kidney health equity field, my focus is on epidemiology and interventions that occur in community settings. In addition, I support urologic dissemination and implementation research. For projects involving interventional kidney health equity research in clinical settings, kidney dissemination and implementation science, or kidney health services research, please contact my colleague, Dr. Raquel Greer. I also support work relating to advancing health information technology and data standards in kidney research and care in order to improve interoperability of data, thereby increasing research efficiency and improving patient outcomes. In collaboration with colleagues at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, I co-lead the Electronic (e-) Care Plan for People with Multiple Chronic Conditions Project, which aims to develop a standards-based e-care plan that can interface with the electronic health record to aggregate critical, patient-centered health and social data and share that data across clinical, community, home and research settings.

Research Programs

Chronic Kidney Disease
The mechanisms and pathophysiology underlying kidney disease and its progression.

Hematology Centers Program
Designed to increase access to critical research resources and collaboration in the national multidisciplinary research effort to combat nonmalignant hematologic diseases and to study normal hematopoiesis.

Kidney Clinical Research & Epidemiology
Advances clinical studies and epidemiologic research on renal disease.

Urology Clinical Research & Epidemiology
Clinical studies and epidemiologic research for urologic diseases.

Committees & Working Groups

  • Kidney Interagency Coordinating Committee, Co-Chair
  • Urology Interagency Coordinating Committee, Co-Chair
  • NIDDK Health Equity and Health Disparities Working Group, SubGroup Co-Chair
  • NIH Common Data Elements Task Force, Member
  • Social Determinants of Health Research Coordinating Committee, Member
  • Social Determinants of Health Subgroup to the NIH Common Data Elements Task Force, Member
  • NIH BioMedical Informatics Coordinating Committee, Member
  • NIH PhenX Social Determinants of Health Workgroup, Member
Last Reviewed May 2024