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Legacy RenDER App Departure; New Application System in Place

The USRDS RenDER application has been replaced with a new application system entitled "Data Extraction System for Kidney Related Information & Basic Epidemiology, or DESKRIBE.

DESKRIBE allows users to retrieve information on the entire ESRD population or on precisely specified subgroups of interest. The system is designed to provide a high-level of interactivity and instant feedback, allowing users with varying background and knowledge to navigate the system.

In addition to the two previously existing applications on our website (ESRD Incident Count and ESRD Prevalent Count), two new modules have been added: the ESRD Hospitalization Rate and ESRD Mortality Rate. The ESRD Hospitalization tool can be used to display hospital admission and hospitalized days rate of ESRD patients. The ESRD Mortality Rate tool can be used to display morality rate of ESRD patients. Specific populations of interest and display formats can be tailored to the user's needs.

We welcome your feedback about the apps. Please send questions/comments to usrds@niddk.nih.gov.

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