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Sisters together move more eat better

Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better is a national program of the Weight-control Information Network (WIN) designed to encourage black women ages 18 and older to maintain a healthy weight by becoming more physically active and eating healthier foods.

To help the nearly 80 percent of black women with overweight or obesity, Sisters Together works with national and local newspapers, magazines, radio stations, schools, and organizations to raise awareness among black women about the health benefits of regular physical activity and healthy eating.

Sisters Together offers evidence-based, age-appropriate, and culturally relevant brochures that give black women, their families, and their friends practical tips to help them move more, eat better, and ultimately, improve their quality of life.

Updated Sisters Together Program Guide

Sisters Together Program Guide (PDF, 13 MB)

Sisters Together Publications

Program Resources

Download the resources below for participants, meeting planning advice, and tips about Facebook and websites.
Sample Phone Scripts (DOC, 46 KB) (Resource 1)
Sample Sisters Together Recruitment Flyer (DOC, 54 KB) (Resource 2)
Sample Contacts List (DOC, 59 KB) (Resource 3)
Planning an Informational Meeting (DOC, 65 KB) (Resource 4)
Barriers to Physical Activity and Healthy Eating (DOC, 67 KB) (Resource 5)
Sample Participant Feedback Form (DOC, 133 KB) (Resource 6)
Sample Certificate of Participation (DOC, 59 KB) (Resource 7)

Promotion Resources

Download the resources below for promotional for communication and materials.
Sisters Together Fact Sheet (DOC, 55 KB) (Resource 8)
Sisters Together Logo (DOC, 711 KB) (Resource 9)
Communication and Promotion Tools (DOC, 49 KB) (Resource 10)
Sample Outreach Letter (DOC, 51 KB) (Resource 11)