Kidney Disease Section

of the Kidney Diseases Branch

Clinical and translational researchers who seek deeper understanding and new therapies for glomerular disease, including membranous nephropathy and FSGS.

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APOL1 renal risk variants exacerbate podocyte injury by increasing inflammatory stress.
Wakashin H, Heymann J, Roshanravan H, Daneshpajouhnejad P, Rosenberg A, Shin MK, Hoek M, Kopp JB.
BMC Nephrol (2020 Aug 27) 21:371. Abstract/Full Text
Kopp JB, Anders HJ, Susztak K, Podestà MA, Remuzzi G, Hildebrandt F, Romagnani P.
Nat Rev Dis Primers (2020 Aug 13) 6:68. Abstract/Full Text
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