A group of scientists interested in the mechanism of the ribosome and how changes in translation alter gene expression in diseases.

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Tma64/eIF2D, Tma20/MCT-1, and Tma22/DENR Recycle Post-termination 40S Subunits In Vivo.
Young DJ, Makeeva DS, Zhang F, Anisimova AS, Stolboushkina EA, Ghobakhlou F, Shatsky IN, Dmitriev SE, Hinnebusch AG, Guydosh NR.
Mol Cell (2018 Sep 6) 71:761-774.e5. Abstract/Full Text
Rli1/ABCE1 Recycles Terminating Ribosomes and Controls Translation Reinitiation in 3'UTRs In Vivo.
Young DJ, Guydosh NR, Zhang F, Hinnebusch AG, Green R.
Cell (2015 Aug 13) 162:872-84. Abstract/Full Text
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