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Open Positions

We are interested in hiring motivated and highly talented post-doctoral and post-baccalaureate fellows, particularly those with expertise in protein or nucleic acid biochemistry, mammalian cell culture, genomics and other high-throughput methods, or single-molecule microscopy.

Consistent with the NIH Unite Initiative, we strongly value diversity in hiring and strive for a welcoming and inclusive culture in the workplace.

Our Staff

Nicholas Guydosh

Ph.D. - Stanford University
Postdoctoral Fellowship - Johns Hopkins University

Our Fellows

Photo of David Young
David Young
Research Fellow

Ph.D. - University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand
Postdoctoral Fellowship - NIH/NICHD

David’s research focuses on understanding the mechanism of ribosome recycling and factors that affect autism spectrum disorders and lymphomas in humans.

Agnes Karasik.
Agnes Karasik
Postdoctoral Fellow IRTA

B.Sc. – ELTE, Hungary
M.Sc. – ELTE, Hungary
Ph.D. – Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

Agnes studied RNase P for her PhD research and is now exploring the non-canonical role of virus activated ribonuclease L in protein translation.

Photo of Sezen Meydan
Sezen Meydan
Postdoctoral Fellow IRTA

B.Pharm - Hacettepe University, Turkey
Ph.D. - University of Illinois at Chicago

During her PhD studies, Sezen worked on non-canonical translation regulation events and their cellular consequences in bacteria. Her current focus is understanding the molecular mechanisms of eukaryotic ribosome rescue and recycling.

Kelsey Bettridge.
Kelsey Bettridge
Special Volunteer

B.A. - Lawrence University
Ph.D. - Johns Hopkins University

During her PhD studies, Kelsey used single molecule tracking to understand how RNA polymerase finds promoter sequences in bacteria. Kelsey is currently studying the dynamics of translational readthrough and reinitiation in live human cells using advanced imaging techniques.

Kara Delbridge.
Kara Delbridge
Postbaccalaureate IRTA
B.S. - University of Tennessee Knoxville
Kara is developing methods to measure single stop-codon readthrough events in cells.
Kyra Kerkhofs.
Kyra Kerkhofs
Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow
B.S. - University of Antwerp, Belgium
M.S. - University of Antwerp, Belgium
Ph.D. - York University, Canada
As part of her PhD dissertation,Kyrastudied processing of non-coding RNAs inTetrahymena thermophila. Her current project focusses on understanding the molecular mechanism of ribosome recycling during viral infection.

Our Alumni

Photo of Grant Jones
Grant Jones, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral IRTA

B.A. - Arizona State University
Ph.D. - University of Maryland, Baltimore

For his doctoral dissertation, Grant studied mRNA cap binding proteins in dinoflagellates, a type of toxic marine algae. Currently, he is studying ribosome recycling and homeostasis during activation of the antiviral response in human cells.

Photo of Theresa Marlin
Theresa Marlin
Postbaccalaureate IRTA

B.S. - DeSales University
Theresa is currently investigating translational regulation during stress responses in yeast.

John Taylor Hosmer-Quint.
John Taylor Hosmer-Quint
Postbaccalaureate IRTA

B.A. - Lawrence University
B.Mus. - Lawrence University

John Taylor is currently working on implementing single molecular microscopy techniques to study in vivo translation in yeast.

Andrew DePass
Andrew DePass
Postbaccalaureate IRTA
B.A.- Quinnipiac University
B.S. - Quinnipiac University
Andrew is studying how the OAS/RNase L pathway interacts with other stress-response and antiviral pathways.
Last Reviewed January 2024